Bruised thumbnail?

A few weeks ago I smashed my thumb between two metal bars, and it bruised--I be just wondering in the order of how long it's going to stay bruised? I've been wearing fastener polish because I can't stand to look at the black mark underneath my thumbnail!!

Answer:    eventually it will grow out with your fastener. ever notice when u cut your finger or something closer to the tip? thats what the white results in your nail are from, seeing as your nail is inert skin. so whenever your nails starts growing it will start to disappear. but possibly it could be approaching a blood blister where near is blood and a lot of pressure built up surrounded by ther which wouldnt be good, my dad have that happen and he have to go to the doctors for them to drill a hole contained by his nail so the blood and pressure could be released. but i doubt thats the travel case for you.
owie. it will prly stay like that for a while.
Sounds horrid! It will stay like that until it grows out usually.
i done the exact same but beside my baby finger
but i done it over 4 months ago and it is singular just going
carry well soon your thumb :)
usually take a few weeks or more depending on how badly bruised it is.
It wont ultimate too long. A couple of weeks,
it will be there till it grows out of late blood

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