What Does It Really Mean When Your Eye Twitches or Jumps?

Reason why I ask this is because my eyes have be twitching all morning, especially my left one! The Old Wives Tales read out that if your left eye jump then something doomed to failure will happen, and if your right eye jump something good will arise. I don't think that's necessarily true, but do you presume it's because of a stress factor? Let me know your opinions...Thanx!!

Answer:    Occasionally, your eyelid may twitch at hit and miss. This involuntary twitching of your eyelid muscle typically lasts smaller amount than a minute. But it can be annoying.

The cause of eye twitch isn't specified. But it may be associated with fatigue, stress or caffeine. You may be capable of relieve eye twitch by gently massage the affected eyelid. To do this, move your index finger spinal column and forth from the inner to the outer part of the lid for approximately one minute. Use impossible to tell apart amount of pressure that you use on a computer keyboard. Massage may be more efficient if you first use a warm, damp compress on the eyelid for 10 minutes.

An eye twitch is usually harmless. Rarely, a twitching eyelid can be a symptom of a muscle or self-confidence disorder such as Blepharospasms. But in such cases, eyelid twitching is usually accompany by other symptoms.

So , in your valise, you mght have consumed too much tea or coffee. Or after close work such as the computer or reading which cause eyestrain, you wash your eyes. Another adjectives cause is withdrawal of sleep or stress.
i heard it be just a chutzpah twitching
mines doo this alot tooo i find... i still dont know why thou:S

sryy not much help i kno
Haha I've never hear that tale, but my suggestion is not to bear it to heart, since one of the causes of eye-twitching is stress!

I've have it before, and read that adjectives causes are too much caffeine, not adequate sleep, and too much stress. It went away after a week.
This started stirring to me recently. Ive have an on going twitch just below my not here eye. I was starting to draw from worried because It was scheduled on and off for two weeks. I did a high-speed web seach and academic one of It's causes Is stress.
you involve more vitamins. eat some carrot.
too tired ot too lil sleep i reckon its tiredness.i get it a celebration bit, it makes me want to achieve for the stapler!

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