For an mature, is it ok to drink milk after throwing up?

...or just hold water ?

Answer:    I used to work for a doctor and he told me that the easiest entity on your stomach is sprite or 7 up. Light colored soda with no caffine. He said that milk can upset your stomach too confidently.
Hope this helps!
That's the best thing to do.
marine Depends on why you threw up. But milk probably isnt the best Idea I would go near water.
dampen is best, dairy is really difficult to digest and your stomach is obviously not within its best state after throwing up!
Yea milk is great because it helps dilute the acerbic ..
Its not that tasty but i guess its ok and wont wipe out them. Sometimes the milk is what made them throw up. Water is always honourable, but there is no plea to not drink milk.
No milk, the acid surrounded by your stomach can curdle it, and milk can make your stomach have a feeling so much worse. Stick to water, flat coke, and gingerale. Tea near peppermint and chamomile is also good.
Either is fine unless your lactoast and tolerant. Look at seriously of chemical labels they read out if you drank it drink large amounts of milk or sea. Either is fine. Id say milk though because its juicy lol
milk is not going to work. Watter with a awfully small amount of baking soda mixed in it.
Drink doesn`t matter what you can keep down. I could not maintain milk down very long.
small sips of marine or soda is best ... dairy will usually cause a repeat of the vomiting ...
I would read out got next to the water or sprite. I wouldn't recommend drinking milk after throwing up. It will probably upset your stomach even more. I would drink any Sprite, or Ginger Ale. You might even want to try drinking water.

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