Why do peoples shins and calves hurt after walking?

I've developed this problem just lately - after walking even relatively short distances my shins and calves start to hurt similar to hell. Any ideas what the problem might be?

Answer:    Not too sure but I would guess is that you're straining your muscles. Have you done any hobby lately that required a lot of muscle movement beside your legs? I play the drums on Rock Band and it was straining my calf muscles and it hurt for roughly a week whenever I walked( lol videogame injury! I'm a loser :P ) Try something like Bengay to relieve the dull pain. Hope this helped solve the problem!
shin splints?
I assume your over 35 contained by which case its probably comparatively normal, if you are overweight even more so. If not see a doctor
It is due to a absence of proper calcium intake & poor diet or lack of exercise too.

If the condition worsens i'm afraid u can be suffering from osteoporosis.
The lactic acerbic is building up in the muscles. Try stretching until that time and after running, and drink plenty of water. Also, develop your lower leg muscles by doing shin exercises, similar to tapping your foot lower than your desk a lot, and calf exercises, similar to tip-toeing up and down on steps.

Also, keep your diet up to par so that your muscles are getting the right nutrients and aren't overworked when they shouldn't be.

If you enjoy stress fractures, see your doctor - that's when there's a fracture in the bone.
A party should do stretches before walking to avoid this. Also one might be low on potassium or not drinking ample water for their diet. Start your exercise program out slowly after walk longer respectively time you walk again. These things enjoy helped me.
sounds close to Shin Splints, though this usually occurs after movement like playing football. If you don't wander often ie you drive alot, it's probably cos your uncommon to walking. Though I had this problem 4 weeks ago and on 28 Jan 2008, I be admitted to hospital near a DVT in my leg.. so grasp it checked out anyway. Your symptoms is how mine started
Could be your posture. Pain in the shins can be traced rear legs to the spine. Is there someone you can check this out beside? Shin splints develop when the calf muscles develop faster than the muscles in the front of the lower leg. One process you can help stability this out is to do some reverse exercise. For runners, this would mean doing some training by running backwards. Since you are walking, you might want to find a secure level place where on earth you can try walking backwards.
Have you let your fitness level drop and how old are you?

I.mm 66 and I find that if I turn on a long walk I hold the same problem from time to time when I own not walked for moderately a while> it is caused by little rips within your muscles and as they heal your muscles become stronger and you do not get stiff after walking

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