Busted ear drum?

I have a desperate sinus infection, I went to the doctor yesterday. I be blowing my nose just about an hour ago and I must have blown it too concrete, my ear popped and everything sounded muffled in that ear. It didn't hurt though, it freshly sounded like i have gotten a lot of sea in my ear. I can still hear and I'm not within pain. Should I be worried that my ear drum is busted or would I know if it is? I've never have anything like that begin to my ear, so I'm pretty clueless.

Answer:    The ear consists for 3 main parts, the outer ear which is the external cog of the ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

The middle ear is a chamber with two timpanic membranes (ear drums) on any side of it linked by 3 small bones. When nouns waves enter the outer ear they produce the first mebrane to vibrate which afterwards transfers the vibrations through the bones to the second membrane which causes nouns pressure changes contained by the inner ear. These air pressure change cause small hair to move in the inner ear which generate courage impulses within the audatory nerve which is connected to the brain.

To work properly the middle ear requests to be pressure balanced so that the pressure inside the middle ear is alike as the outside air pressure. If this didn't begin small variations within atomospheric pressure caused by the weather and transmute in altitude would result within you going deaf and possible pain as your ear drums become stretched due to the pressure difference.

The pressure equalisation is achieved by connecting the middle ear to the throat by mode of the Eustachian tube.

When you blew your nose this forced nouns into the Eustachian tube and increased the pressure in the inner ear which forced your ear drums outwards and cause the popping sensation and the muffled hearing.

The muffled audible range is because the pressure inside the middle ear is higher than the pressure outside, hence the ear drum have a highher resistance to moving as the pressure difference has to be overcome contained by order to transmit the nouns waves.

Normally when you stop blowing your antenna the pressure in the Eustachian tube would cut back on and your hearing would return to conventional.

However when you have an infection surrounded by your upper airways or sinuses, e.g. cold or sinusitus your body produces mucus which can partially block the Eustacian tube which routine that the pressure doesn't return to normal after you blow your trunk.

As your infection clears up, the amount of mucus will clear up and you hearing will return to ordinary. You could try yawning or gulping as this will create a lower pressure in the tube and may gross your hearing return.

It is unlikely that you popped your ear drum as this would be moderately painful and you speak you feel no throbbing.
Well. That's bad. Talk to your mom or something. Go to the doctor you don;t want to lose your audible range!
if you had a busted eardrum you would know it. The niggle is excruciating. You likely hold water losing your eardrum which is causing the muffled-ness. Open and close your jowl widely to try to get the fluid away from your drum. Go to the doc to be sure.
However, I don't judge you've burst your eardrum. You would have feel that. My brother had a bleak infection, and his burst a long time ago. A lot of the time with sinus infections, in attendance is pressure on your eardrums, which can be uncomfortable. It happen because your eustachian tubes may have fluid or pressure because of the infection surrounded by your sinus cavity. Sometimes you can reduce the pressure, any by using the Valsalva Maneuver or accidentally when blowing your nose. I believe this is what happen.
Hope you feel bettter!

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