If you smell of BO are you aware of it yourself?

A follow-on from a previous question. If you smell defectively or have desperate breath etc, are you actually aware of it yourself? Or is it usually a friend or college that have the difficult task of letting you know. I would be mortified if I be told that I smelt! Has anyone on here been on the receing pause of such news or have to deliver the same?

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Well you can sniff your armpits, and spy a smell after a session at the gym etc.

However, if you don't wash for a few days (like I didn't at the Download music pageant weekend this year, due to no showers) you get used to the smell. I be with a group of almost 15 people. You really didn't become aware of the smell. I went home straight afterwards, and met my g/f here. She said that I stank to high glory! I honestly couldn't smell it. I was immune to it. Just how it is, you acquire used to smells.

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If you can't even smell yourself how could nation smell you?

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hell yeah! everyone knows when near smuggling the old pasties lol!

Owwwie! owww ow!?

I mind, I think.

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i stink accordingly i am

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it has never happen to me, but i think they would know

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Most people say aloud you cant smell your own B.O. unless its really bad. However I'd speak yes they can smell their own b.o. they can always smell their own breath by placing their foot up close to their mouth and breating.
I have never be on the receving end of such word. However I have be the one to deliver such new to several those. I can not stand B.O. so anyone who stands near me or surrounded by the same room and I own to smell it I am going to tell them.

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A lot of times you arent aware of it yourself. You obtain used to a smaell you are around. For example, if you go within a house where bacon is frying you concentration the smell right away but after youre in the house for awhile you dont interest it anymore. You become acclamated to the odor. same with bo

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Smell your armpit or hold your paw in front of your mouth and breathe and you're all right aware of it. If you know you haven't washed or brushed your teeth within a long time, you're even more aware of it. There's no excuse for it. Just laziness, poor hygiene and a insufficiency of consideration for others.

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I can usually detail that I have BO myself. That is assuming I don't hold a cold or a stuffed up nose. As for fruitless breath, I brush after every meal so I don't hold to worry in the region of it.

However, I can understand your embarassment.

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You can smell it yourself unless youve eaten pasties. Pasties smell a moment ago like Bo and so camouflage the odour. Ive met plenty of population who stink and I just report them. "Listen mate - you hum to high glory - get it sorted laaa!"

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Yes, you would smell it.. that's why people turn around smelling under their arms greatly. to make sure it's not them. but sometimes it is.

"O" Wise One.. say don't get smelly

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You are not aware of it yourself

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if your personal hygiene is good and you work out, for example you will probably smell the difference contained by BO. But if you ming all the time you will not know that you stink.

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All I am going to speak is that women have incredibly different body odours to that of men.

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i wouldnt reckon people could share that they smell of BO themselfs.

the amount of time i have walk past someone and get a wiff of there pits. seriously. you would deem that people would become aware of how bad they smell and apparently do something about it. but nope.. they still verbs to left at hand arms and stack the shelfs in the supermarkets. FGS please use deodarant!

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You may notice when it get really bad, but afer a while you would stop notice. Most of the time the people around you will awareness long before you do. If your unsure other best to ask a close friend and carry anti-perspirant and breath mints!

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Some relatives are'nt aware of their bad hygiene such as Body Odour and Bad Breath.. tho I enjoy 2 say I am not one of those ancestors! If u clean ur teeth regularly and hold deodrant on u to keep fresh~u'll own nothing 2 verbs about! If,however.. u still hold these problems despite doing this.. it may turn out that u culd have a Gum infection which is cause tha bad breath or u culd enjoy a Sweat Blister on ur armpit which wuld b explaining tha bad body odour within which case ud have need of 2 see ur GP!

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i think you can recount if u smell,i had to report to a work friend that he smelt and to brush his green teeth he laughed it stale i think cos he be embarressed but he called surrounded by sick for the nxt few days but then come back smelling fresh and beside clean teeth

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I think I would know.I hope I would know! When I go to a festival a couple of years ago.I conspicuously knew :D It's true though, some citizens don't seem to know they smell.any that or they don't care!

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I've never be told i smelled but if i did i hope to god that someone would tell me hopefully a friend, as i would relay my friend that they smelled.

I have on a few occasion actually certain someone that smelled, has an ex-boss beside demon breathe erggghhh it stank. Went to college with someone who didn't know what river was for and in reality said that they didn't wash their hand cos the dead skin cell flaked off themselves so here was no point, honest I'm not making that one up, and they re foot and locker smelled like stale cheese they be nasty and know they smelled and didn't care. Also have a co-worker that smelt of onion they smelled like bird's eye beef burgers but not surrounded by a nice way.

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u can smell urself if u sweat but bad breath u cant.

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Judging by the Tube journey every morning - ancestors are so not aware that they stink - I have considered taking a can of Right Guard beside me to spray.
As for the 'morning after the curry the night until that time' breath, it is enough to fashion you want to puke, especially when the Tube is stuffy enough anyway.
Yes, I worked next to someone who had a severe medical problem that made her really stink close to rotten cabbage, all the department girls were totally mean to her. I sit next to her and tried to politely broach the subject, but it be very difficult. She also have quite green teeth which designed her breath wasn't the best.
The supervisor told her bluntly in the ruin and she was really really upset. I give attention to she left shortly after

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