Ibuprofen, Is here any other alternative ?

Hi, please can someone tell me if they are allergic to Ibuprofen and if they hold found another antiinlammitry they can take for swelling. I hold trouble with swelling and dull pain in my vertebrae and both legs. Other pain killer dont work except ibuprofen but i can only help yourself to them for a day and they get me feel bad last time i nearly done up in hospital from the side effects they give me. So please can some one tell me what they use if they own side effects from this medicine. Thanks.

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Hi, i work in pharmacy, and im also allergic to NSAIDs. (ibuprofen is surrounded by this group of drugs).
Doctors normally basically suggest paracetamol and maybe codeine, but i find this pretty usless also. I find dihydrocodeine pretty appropriate, but this is a pretty strong painkiller and you can individual get it on prescription. As for a drug next to an anti-inflammatory use, have you tried the ibuprofen gel? its engrossed differently and so shouldnt make you have a feeling ill. Ibuprofen, when taken vocally, can cause stomach problems, especially if you already own a sensitive tummy. Try the ibuprofen gel (ibuleve) or diclofenac gel (voltarol emugel). These should help near the swelling, plus you can also take the paracetamol and dihydrocodeine whilst using these, for the strain relief. Or, hold you tried the heat/cooling gels and creams? these can also assist with backbone pain etc. Hope this help.

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Fever Few may help.

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Can you take an Anti-inflammetry drug next to a seperate pain slayer like Diclofenac (Anti-inflammetry only) and Paracetamol?

I hold a nasty side effect beside strong Ibuprofen, it makes me irritable and angry. If I hold to take it I shift straight to bed so as not upset anyone.

For info i'm on Diclofenac for arthritis.it's okay.

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Neurofen is wrong, thats just the trade designation for ibuprofen. Try codeine and dihydrocodeine.


try cataflam or voltaren.

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hi. there are masses other alternatives to ibuprofen but as any drug each as different side effects it's only just a case of finding out which one suits you best. these drugs are anti inflammatories or non steroidals anti inflammatories to the medical profession. if you own not tried any others in this group i recommend that you try diclofenac as it is smaller and have more anti inflammatory properties. not sure if you are eating something earlier you take your ibuprofen as sometimes have nothing on your stomach can create you feel the side effects more and breed you ill. i generally have something to munch through then cart my meds. again ibuprofen and paracetamol are a good combination of medication for swelling and bony affliction. try them and see. but if symptoms don't persist your gp should be looking at alternative medication and therapy for your continuing health.
hope you consistency better soon.

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arnica for your swelling.cream to rub in. and good feeble paracetamol.i dont use it tho because it doesnt work!

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Honestly, ask your local pharmacist or ask at the consultation desk at CVS or other drug store. You can also check out www.webMD.com for advice. Naprosyn or rofecoxib may be an alternative

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umm in attendance is naproxen and feldine you could ask a dr about this

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You may take mefenamic sour 500mg 3x a day. Brand mark is Ponstan Forte or Postan SF.

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