How can I let somebody know if I broke my ankle?

Yesterday I fell and twisted my ankle. It really hurts to move it or put any weight on it and it's swollen. I've be managing the pain near advil.
Should I go for an x-ray?

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OMG yes emphatically! youd be crazy not to!! a sprain hurts worse than a break, and unfortunately, its regularly worse to sprain than break your ankle! go to a doctor right away!!

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yessss! a sprain hurts worse than a have it looked at and preserve it elevated and ice on and bad.

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Dooubt it broken if you cna walk on it. ICe it, Rest, and elevate it IMMEDIATELY

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if it was broken, you wouldnt know how to move an inch without excruciating pain
it is possible its broken if you own a high tolerance for spasm.
it might be sprained or possible fractured.. but you may want to get an xray because if its broken you entail a cast, if its sprained and you dont gain medical attention now, it may come subsidise to haunt you (the throbbing that is) so i recommend seeing a doc.
better to be safe than sorry right?

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Yeah, you really can't detail without an x-ray.
Sprains regularly hurt worse than breaks and sometimes require a cast so the ligaments and tendons can restore to health, even tho there is no break (or fracture for you laymen).
Limp on contained by.

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It is awfully unlikely that you might have broken your leg bone. An x beam will definitely diagnose your injury.
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Yes have it checked in recent times as a precaution. It could be cracked or could just be a simple sprain a bit b safe than sorry subsequently. I believe u can break your ankle and stil walk, I have a friend of mine who went for a week hobbling around til the dull pain was impossible finally went 2 the doctor and they said it be broke. So please go check it out and fitting luck

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if you can move it its not broken. its probably just sprained really doomed to failure. if it dosnt get any better contained by a couple of days go to the hospitall only in defence.

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Anyone of the three bones that clear up ankle joint could break as the result of a tumble, and auto accident, or some other trauma to the ankle.
Because a severe sprain can recurrently mask the symptoms of a broken ankle:
Every injury to the ankle should be examined by a physician. Symptoms of a broken ankle include: Immediate and severe discomfort
Tender to touch
Inability to put any weight to the injured foot
Deformity, more than ever if there is a dislocation as economically as a fracture

A broken ankle may also involve damage to the ligaments.Your physician will instruct X - rays to find the exact location of the break.
Sometimes a CT ( computed tomography) scan or a bone scan will also be needed

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People always say-so " if you can walk on it, it ain't broke," not true. I am here to recount you, I had a broken ankle I go around on for 2 days, putting pressure on, and I ended up cracking the bone almost up to my knees. It was shocking, I was surrounded by a cast for several months. I thought I have just twisted my ankle, and your injury sounds of late like what I have.

Go get the x-ray. It is worth taking attention to detail of yourself, rather than playing a guessing activity.
Good luck.

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