How long does anesthesia stay in your system?

I have surgery on Thursday and I still feel somewhat lightheaded and verbs to have a dearth of appetite 5 days later.

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Depends entirely upon the anesthetic used during surgery. Some anesthetics have a relatively short partly life and are metabolized and removed by your body at a rate of knots.others stay around for a while. So unless you note which anesthetic you received, no can really state for sure how long it will "stay" contained by your system.

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48 hours

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Not long satisfactory.

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It took me 3 weeks after my open heart, its still within your lungs.the Nurse told me.I had to do lots of breathing exercises.

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Generally speaking it takes more or less 48 hours for it to totally leave the body. If you're experiencing lightheadedness (not sure that's even a word but it sounds good) and dizziness it could be your medication if your taking some. (pain pills to antibiotics).
My view, call your Dr's bureau that performed the surgery and ask their assessment. The lack of appetite could be drug related as well.
If you are not taking medication afterwards for sure contact a Dr.
Best of luck and Prayers.

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Its not anethesia u are on about but post op syndrone. Been at hand and done that - dont worry it adjectives goes away soon.

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