what does it be a sign of when your saliva is very gummy or sticky?


What would be better, GP or Family practicioner?

dehydration or on drugs

what foods have closely of potassium?

my doctor told me that it was most likeley to be dehydration

hi does anyone know the mold count?




Hormone imbalance

check next to your physician

i drink a bottle of wine every nite after work. is it too much?

Dehaydration or you lack fluids. or you are glorious on drugs. or you have an infection.

Would anybody know what bug this could be from and how to treat?

It medium you have coytton mouth, possibly from smoking too much Ganja.

How do you draw from rid of aches and pains?

Dehydration is the most adjectives cause of this. It could also be cause by an infection. When's the last time you brushed your teeth? Seen a dentist?
It may be something more serious, such as Sj"ogren's Syndrome, but not expected.
Take a big drink of water, travel brush your teeth, and see what happens after that. If its still thick/sticky, beckon a dentist. If it thins out and feels approaching normal, next continue next to this. Drink water, brush and floss regularly, and see a dentist at smallest once a year.

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