When you go beyond out do you stop breathing?


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no-then you would die

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no, you would be dead after.

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It is possible, but unlikely. "Passing out" can result from a couple of causes. First, and foremost, come first trauma. Not a good entry. If the trauma is severe enough, breathing may stop and annihilation the end result. Now, for the second explanation, lack of oxygen to the sophisticated centers of the brain, where your consciousness lies. Your brain is made of two parts, the better order slice, where you do your thinking, and the lower decree section, which requires no thought or attention on your segment. Your breathing is in the lower part, as is the branch controlling your heart beat and maintain your body temperature. Fainting, is what ratification out is more or less. It can evolve readily to some people, simply by sitting for a while and suddenly standing, which cause a momentary lowering of the blood pressure in your head, subsequent shortage of oxygen, and you get street light headed or giddy. This is usually a momentary condition and passes fast for most people. So, no, beneath a situation like this, a sudden lowering of blood pressure from standing after sitting, you don't stop breathing. The autonomic tense system still functions, you still breathe and your heart still beats.

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no not particularly long anyway

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nope, when you pass out its simply close to a deep sleep your brain still functions usually which makes you breath and your heart vanquish, etc etc

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no you pass out when your heart rate is going hastily then when you grasp up it regulates itself.

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no because breathing is an involuntary response, meaning you don't hold to think around it to do it.

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not if you just shaky j

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No. Your breathing is controlled by smooth muscle specifically under both conscious and knocked out control. These muscles are controlled by a very weighty, very primitive portion of the brain call the Medulla Oblongata, It rests where your spinal cord and your brain bump into. This portion of the brain functions continuously from birth to death. It maintain the core functions of breathing, heartbeat, etc. Blacking out will not cause this element to stop working.

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no they call that dying.

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