When is the best time to shower? Morning or Evening because...?

My mom says if I shower within the Morn and go outside my pores are still embark on and I invite the chance of a cold. Is that an old wives narrative?

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During the winter it is better to shower at night because the skin oil have time to replenish past going outside. This prevents wind burn and excessive drying of the skin. More exalted for men than women because of facial shaving and generally poorer skin perfectionism. Same goes for excessively hot temps approaching the desert. Under normal conditions, I haven't hear of any pros or cons of either morning or darkness showers. How many men really moisturize their face.

Let me add to the above statement, If you own allergies night showers are recommended to prevent you from bringing pollens or other allergens into the bed from your tresses or skin.

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shower inthe morning to freshen you up. Pores are not open.
Shower at hours of darkness or evening to relax you - cold shower - and you sleep well.

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It is everyones choice, morning showers stir you up (but never heard that roughly pores before cos colds are caught from virus through the mouth)

Evening showers (which I prefer) wash past its sell-by date your day time grime and cause you relax and ready for bed.

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Yes, you win colds from viruses, usually from other those, it has zilch to do with your pores mortal open.

I shower both at dark and in the morning. I enjoy left house near hair drizzly and it is frozen by the time I get to work and I move about sometimes 3 years without a cold.

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Unfortunately my mother also believed, and still believes that showering and going outdoors will supply you a cold. A cold is caused by virus or germs, not from being verbs. I always shower surrounded by the morning, that way I'm verbs for the day.

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It's right. It's easier for a personality to get a cold when they shower surrounded by the morning, especially if you're going to go out after.

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The best time is the morning. It wake you up and gets your body moving in an unforced way. There is no evidence that going outside while raining causes colds.

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Well that's a different one. Of course that isn't true, how could anyone believe such unscientific nonsense? Show within the morning to help you stir up, to be fresh to start your day.

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i used to stipulation that jolt contained by the morning, but i used to have to be at work at 7:30 am, immediately i dont work till 10 am so i tend to shower in the evenings. i prefer my husband shower at darkness because he stinkies up the bed if he doesnt, but he does different type of work than me.

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Yeah that's an old wives story. Same thing near wet tresses you won't get a cold from it. I shower twice day by day and haven't gotten a cold

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evening because if you showered in the morning and put on your socks and shoes without letting your foot dry out completely you encourage fungal growth on you foot and toenails - they smell worse, more chance for wart, ringworm, brittle nails, ingrown nail etc. However if your feet are other exposed for good nouns circurlation it doesn't matter.

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morning shower to stir you up
evening shower to relax you
i take one within the morning and at night

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