How can I put in the picture if my rib is broken ?

I went to a group thinking I was a moment ago going there to socialize. But, a friend of mine become hyper after having something to drink arranged to start jabbing at me. Then someone else tried to pick me up. I get squeezed in the process. I lately feel some distress around my right rib cage every time .

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Get X-ray. Or hang around till it pokes your lung and you start throwing up blood.

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go to the doctor

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A doctor can describe with an X-Ray.

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If it pokes out of your t-shirt, next it's def broken.
Other wise carry a scan

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If it was broken it would be drastically swollen and darkly bruised, not just tender.

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if breathing is diffcult and have a sharp pain. afterwards again he could have only busied it.

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does it hurt when you breathe ? also zilch can be done to heal it,newly time, a friend of mine broke 2 and cracked 1.

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if your rib feel broken, like if it hurts alot

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this will nouns stupid but when i did a backflip on may skatboard and fell off i brokem my rib u can relay if u touch the rib u think u broke and push it contained by then push a different one within if the boith go surrounded by the same majority but if one goes within further then that ones broken and try not to move so much and budge to the hospital also a if u dont have a blackn blue next its not broken

My mom has severe strain in her shoulder(bone) i.e awareness a pin like subtance is pricking in her shoulder?

Go to the doc and obtain an x-ray

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by asking a doctor

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What does a cracked rib feel similar to?
Symptoms of a fracture to the ribs are:

Pain Restricted to One Spot that worsens when:
A Deep Breath is Taken
The Area Is Pressed On
The Person Twists at the Waist
With a broken rib, the pain tend to be sharp; if the ribcage merely aches, the bones may a moment ago be bruised.
Note: A broken rib does not necessarily have to follow an injury.

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Only way to let somebody know if you broke a rib is if u bend over and you have a sharp stomach-ache and the pain is going down your leg and it is difficult to breath and if at hand is alot of swelling and bruising My suggestion is go get hold of it checked there really is zilch you can do for a broken rib unless the bone is broken from the rib cage..Pediatric nurse for 13 years

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you're any sore from all the knock about, or you need to draw from to a DOC right now.. if you hold a broken RIb, it is going to hurt you very discouraging.. so go to a doc man! do not read this obtain GOING..

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There is no point in going to the doctor, all they will do is wrap your body within tight bandages and detail you it will heal contained by 6 wks. My mom breaks her ribs all the time (she's elder it's a long story) and that is what they do every time.

It really hurts when you breath and move.

Side of my foot hurts after landing on it funny playing B-ball. Don't cogitate its sprained, what could it be?

If, it Broke you can feel it, a moment ago take your fingers and get the impression one side that good and later the bad side. If, it basically Cracked then it will treat on it's own. If, you have insurance budge to Doctor and he may put one of those Elastic Type things around you. If, you not have Insurance Wal-Wort and other places market them for about $10 and you can wrap it around yourself. They backing it feel better until it alleviate.

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sharp pain upon inspiration (breathing in)
blackened, or bruised skin around site
extremely hurting to touch
next to impossible to turn your torso minus sharp pain at site

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if you had broken a rib, it would hold hurt so bad you would own gone to the e.r.

a bruised rib can hurt really, really bad, though, and specifically probably what is going on. not much to do but take some sort of dull pain reliever until the pain go away.

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Not much the doctor can do if your rip is broken. Ribs will treat naturally over time. Just gotta steal it easy for a few weeks. But, you should see a doctor right away to know for sure.

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I've had cracked ribs,and that be hell you will know if you find it very niggle full to even breathe,or cough i would go and win it checked out,Kathy

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