solpadol caplets30mg500mg.or co-codamol30/500tablets... the difference.approaching costs,,etc?


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You might find there's also caffeine in Solpadol. It's not a brand that I'm aware of though. Both are one and the same in expressions of content - 30 mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol - but the price for a brand will be more expensive than the store's own brand of co-codamol.

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i don;t know the diffrence in cost but i dod know they are impossible to tell apart things the caplets work faster than the tablets but the dissolvable effervecent work even faster and you can't buy them over the counter in the uk but the doctor will prescribe 100 a time for the price of a prescription or free if your unemployed .they are reasonably good tab all around the co codomol 8/500 are not as well-mannered thou as they have smaller quantity codeine in

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The caplets will definitely work faster, and you will find they be more expensive than dull Co-codamol 30/500. The solpadol also contain caffeine, personally i'd get for the co-codamol, but take them beside or after food, they tend to make you seasick.

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Its a case of fluid being spellbound into the system quicker. When it comes to brand names they tend to be track cheaper. I would look at the product list. If the ingredient and amount is more or smaller amount the same afterwards I would go for the generic why recompense sometimes 4 times more for an active ingredient to be exact the same.

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check in the chemist shop for accurate price.

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