What's the best article to put on a burn spot?

I burnt my leg on the hot exhaust pipe of a motorbike on sunday..so what's the best piece to put on it..I've been using honey, but i've hear suggestions like putting butter on it or vaseline..

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First of adjectives NEVER use butter on ANY kind of burn. How philosophical into your skin is this burn you have? If your injury go into the dermal layers you should see a doctor. You would probably grasp antibiotics. At the same time you would probably own a topical cream to apply that the doctor could prescribe. The topical cream may end up individual one that you can get over the counter but to be not detrimental and ensure that you heal fast and with minimal scarring I would suggest seeing a doctor. If you don't and seize an infection you could end up beside more extensive scarring or even losing your leg due to infection. If it is just type of superficial, cleaning it thoroughlyand applying pure aloe vera or other highly recomended burn cream will probably do the trick. Ipersonally would consent to it get plenty of nouns. If it is covered continuisly there is too much of a arbitrariness for bacteria to grow. I would also create sure you washed it and reapplied the gelor cream twice a year. Once in the morning and once at dark. NO VASELLINE either. Bacteria can thrive surrounded by that too.

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Aloe Vera

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put some aloe on it, either from a plant or lotion from the drugstore

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None of those. The wonderful cream is silvadene (silver sulfadiazine). If not available, use antibiotic ointment close to Neosporin and keep covered. your purpose is to prevent infection until the skin heals.

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don't use any of that stuff. it'll generate it worse. use aloe or buy a burn spray from the store.

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Aloe Vera - especially if you can get it contained by the original plant form - otherwise produce sure if it's from a bottle that it is 100% pure (keep it in the fridge it'll be cool!)

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Butesin Picrate. Buy it at the drug store. Get the voluminous size..You're gonna LOVE it! Takes the pain away.

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the best thing to put on a burn is ground up pepper and tobasco sauce. Works similar to a charm!

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If it were me I would not put butter or vaseline on it. I would run to Wal-mart or my local drug store and get some gentle of gel or ointment that have aloe in it and use it . I focus you will find this will help you.

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Do not put butter on it as that can cause infection. Try putting triple antibiotic on it. If it is a severe burn, see your doctor.

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Silvadene (it may be prescription only).

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Depends on the nature of the burn!

Since you're asking through this forum I'll assume that it's a--relatively speaking--mild burn, not resulting in breaking of the skin. Start near cold water! Run it for a while, or soak your burn spot within it. You might also try a topical pain reliever (read the directions to brand name sure that it's not contraindicated for a burn!) to help relieve throbbing, as well as bring a pain reliever approaching ibuprofen or acetominophen.

And do a Google search for burn treatment and capture a more extensive answer!

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You put honey on a burn? What the hell?

Use aloe vera or neosporin. If you own access to an aloe plant, break off a fern - it's rather fleshy - and afterwards break the leaf surrounded by two. It will ooze a liquid. That fluid has outstandingly good restorative properties. Slather it over your wound.

The neosporin comes in a tube. Use it like any rub.

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mustard and ice

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Depends on how deep the burn is?

Silvadene is the choice of drug- prescription simply.

Over the counter: bactroban or neosporin.

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vaseline works the best, it protects it good. it also heal a bit

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