Why do my hands and foot keep going murky blue?

for about the later 4 months when I am cold or have be leaning on my arms my hads and foot go a exceedingly deep blue/purple. Is it worth mentioning it to my doctor?

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YES this is indeed worth mention and soon. The symptoms you describe are exceptionally typical of Cardio-vascular disease and you are showing signs of decreased blood circulation to your extremities.

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Yes, definately metion it to your doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like a circulation problem.

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Yes, mention it to your doctor, it could possibly be an issue relating to circulation.

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go to clinic to check it or wanna know detail in the order of it www.healthy.com

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yes, that is sometimes a sign of pour blood circulation.

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stop playing near that blue ink.

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i don't know if you are a mannish or female but if...
mannish then it may be acrosynosis, no big traffic but get an appointment
womanly then it may be reynauds disease, definately return with appointment


i would talk to your doctor. sounds close to maybe poor circulation contained by your extremities

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Yes you necessitate to speak to your doctor. You have poor circulation.

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Yes metion it. This could be poor cerculation and may have a result in in an unknown heart issue.
Good Luck

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Sounds resembling Raynaud's Syndrome (sp?).
It's a circulation problem that can be either minor or core.
I have it, myself.
When any my fingers or toes get to sensation cold, they first turn a very waxy white color... no blood color at adjectives... then, when I try to melt them, they get sizeable splotches of dark blue, near some of the white... my mom, a nurse, has said that the symptoms are regularly referred to as having red, white, and blue hand and feet.

I am within my forties, and have have this problem only contained by recent years. When it is on my hands, my hand look very bruised, similar to I've been slapping a brick wall.

Here is an article give or take a few it that might help you further: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/raynaud...

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Blue coloring is a concrete sign of circulatory issues. Tell your MD asap.

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This sounds similar to a circulation problem to me. I myself have anemia and my hand and feet do this sometimes. Definitely consult to your doctor about it. What will it hurt a moment ago asking?

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it sounds close to circulation i too sufferwith this problem i take a herb call gingko biloba and it seems to work for me as it forces the blood to your extremities as expected see yourdoctor and if need be administer this a try

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Sounds as though you may have exceedingly poor circulation. I am surprised that you hae not mentioned it to the doctor.

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Yes budge to your GP and tell him/her. They might know how to give you something for poor circulation or you may own trapped a nerve.

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Sounds to me its Rayneuds Disease,my sister have suffered with this for yrs.You obligation to see your gp and he will refer you to a specilist up your local hospital,he should give you medication for this.Good Luck

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I suffer next to the same sort of piece. I've only really notice it this winter so just assumed it be 'cause I be cold & I'm only 17 so things similar to that don't cross my mind...
Reading this I'm quite worried so gonna capture down my doctors this week.

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defiantly do,it sounds like a circulation problem.

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