Anyone ever own internal stitches that poke through your skin?

Hubby had impudence bladder surgery and an internal stitch poked through his skin and you can see the stitch. He said it itches and is driving him crazy because it keeps catching on his shirt. he said hes not too worried and will phone call the dr if it really starts to bother him but I was only just wondering if that is conventional or should he get it looked at. Anyone hold that problem?

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Those stitches are supposed to disolve contained by time and they are not supposed to be visible. probably the doctor has some explaining to do here.

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yes on my foot

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it shouldnt be a problem i had my appendics removed and the internal stitches eventualy travel away

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i have internal stitches in my knee.
They eventually go disinigrated. (sp? ) That is what they are supposed to do.

After the wound healed, i saw some stiches poking out and i purely pulled them out, but i wouldnt recomend that for a gall bladder wound. If it keep catching on his shirt, just cut the tip past its sell-by date so its not as long.

If you really want to, swing by the doctor and get his steal on it. He will most likely cut the downfall of the stich off and detail you to just linger it out. That is what he told me. I dont know about a nerve bladder stich though.

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Leave it for a few days

the stitches are supposed to start to decompose soon

if they don't I would run to the doctor and make sure they didnt accidentally put chain stitches in..

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yes, I enjoy had few surgeries

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