Ankle pain, should I be in motion get it looked at or of late rap and elevate it at home?

A few months ago I twisted my ankle on ice, but the agony went away. Within olden times month the pain have come back, and yesterday I twisted it again. This time the headache was a short time worse and my ankle was swollen. It's not swollen anymore and it doesn't hurt adjectives that much (with an ankle brace on), but everytime I move it I can hear and feel it pop, Walking doesn't hurt much right very soon (only when i first wake up) but standing still or sitting, slight throbbing goes up to the middle of my calf. Do i capture it looked at or do the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) piece at home?

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RICE (15 minutes every 90 minutes) and some sort of OTC strain medication (advil, tylenol, motrin) should take the boundary off the niggle. If you are stil experiencing significant pain or within is no decrease contained by swelling after about 3 days from the time of the injury, after you need to consult a physician.

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go get it checed out please.

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go to the doc if it hurts even badder!!

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Pain is the body's opening of telling us that something is wrong. Please shift and have it checked it out.

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Either will suffice, but you really should take some ibuprofen tab for any swelling or pain when you rest yourself up.

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