How can I treat heaving bowels?

I recently have Knee surgery and was perscribed Hydrocodone and naproxen, my doctor neglected to metion however, that I should drink double amounts of liquid. now I am extremely constipated.Most remedies i've see don't addresse how to soften the HARD stool to be precise aready backed up...I'm extremely desprite!! Ive be tryin to use rubber gloves and maually guide it out but this painful and I cant showing much more of this, plus i think its cause a minor hemroid, I've been rotten the drugs for a week now and enjoy balready tried stool softeners. unfortunately they prevent not treat the problem..Help!

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Buy an enema called Fleets.Go by the directions on the box but after inserting lay down on your backbone as long as you can stand it and it should make you dance. If it doesn't, take the sunhat off make a payment warm marine and a few drops of soap ,mix well and repeat until you bring back relief. Make sure you bath your hands next to hot soapy water after ward.Also buy prune juice next to pulp and drink a large glassful. If you do this and still do not stir , please call your doctor or progress to the ER. It can get time threatening if you wait too long.

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Talk to the doctor.

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Try Chinese POOP tea. Honestly, I don't know what it's call, but it's some kind of Chinese diet tea. It will put together you poop your brains out. Hmmm... What else, exercise, a hot bath, try intake cashews.

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Call your doctor.

If it be me, I would try enemas. Specifically, very heat up water, and hold repeating, washing out a bit at a time.
I would reckon it would soften it up eventually, but you will own to keep at it.
I've done 5-10 surrounded by a row before, to take everything out.
Oh, and keep drinking river.

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eat foods glorious in fiber and transport some metamucil?

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drink at least 3 cups of prune liquid! NOW!

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Oh dear. I am sooo sorry for you. As a once pregnant lady, I be aware of your pain. Use the stool softeners sold over the counter at drug stores. If you cannot afford this, liquiify epsom saline with reheat water and benevolently insert. The cost is about $2.00 and can achievement immediately. Be sure to drink alot of wet and avoid caffiene and alcohol.

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Wow, how about calling the Dr.'s organization and asking for some advice. The do-it-yourself method your using could mete out another problem.

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I suppose it's time to see the doctor. My boss showed me a huge scar across his stomach and told me it be caused from spasm medication. He was so blocked up that he have bowel obstruction and later his bowel burst inside his body and he had focal surgery.

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You call for a spoon to get it started.

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With contempt.

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