Is vicodin and soma harmful to mix?


I can't go to sleep, plz assistance?

Umm. They are both for pain. I would name your local pharmacy or hospital and ask, just to engineer sure.

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No they are fine as one is a pain med and the other is a muscle relaxer. These are normally used together,

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People will enlighten you it is, however, it isnt. People lower the "safe limits" drastically merely to be safe, which is a apt thing. I enjoy done it, but I wont recommend it, however if you did, you should be fine.

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Ask your doctor.
What is soma!? :)

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yes, almost od'd doing this, soma is a stong muscle relaxant. your diaphragm is a muscle that help you breath. especially dont use alcohol on these. might feel pious at first, could not wake up

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It is usually given at the same time for sprains beside muscle spasm. It is only to be used for a impressively short time and only when you are going to bed. It will clear you very loopy. It is fundamentally dangerous to drive while on both together. It is also notably addictive. A good doctor will not usually fill this type of combination. You have to enjoy a really good idea to get refill. Otherwise, it is not dangerous.

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soma (usually generic carisoprodol) is a muscle relaxer, and usually perscribed with a analgesic, for muscle related injuries.

Vicodin is a painkiller.

Soma is for a moment harsh sometimes though, and alot of times, doesn't really inevitability the painkiller beside it. it will make you surface very sour balance, and should be taken until that time sleeping.
From experience, if i take it too untimely and stay up longer, its harder to fall asleep because i grain like im slack upside down when i lay down.

I wouldn't suggest taking these if they were'nt perscribed to you though.. as they both come in different dosages, and could hit pretty hard together, espcially if its more than what you should be taking.

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no we make available it together all the time jsut becarefull steal it as directed both are very much habbit forming

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