Have you ever hear of the spinal column shrinking?

After having an MRI, my doctor told me that my spinal column is shrinking. My symptoms are: a burning and tingling sensation in my collar and down my right arm,severe muscle wasting in both of these areas, sometimes when I turn my head I capture a sharp pain surrounded by my neck, I can hear a grinding nouns in my d¨Ścolletage when I move it, my right arm will go numb during the daylight and sometimes when I wake up contained by the morning my entire scalp and both of my arms are completely numb from my shoulders to my hands. I'm forty two years outmoded and was wanting to know if you hold ever heard of this or anything close to it ? Thanks.

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Its called spondalolisis (*sp) of the spine. Numbness tingling headache are all symptoms. You want to go to a neurologist and see if they can stop it near surgery, by placing rods. I know that sounds awful but I have have 4 surgeries so far. I'm still hanging contained by here!

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I own the same article. Mine is caused by injuries that I own had to the spine.

The doctor's own been trying to win me to be operated on for it several times. I enjoy other friends and associates that I have met through the years that hold had surgery. I am doing as powerfully as they are, so until I can no longer stand the pain or no longer saunter, I will wait.

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Yes. As you age it does shrink. That's adjectives knowledge.

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get a 2nd opinion yes it can for different reasons

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I have hear of a compressed spine and of the cartridge between the spinal bones attrition but not of spinal shrinkage as implied in general. I am also 42.

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No I hold not its not astral perosis or whatever that bone decaying disease is? What else did the doctor influence. I would amain he said a lot and at lowest possible told you what to do and what not to do?

I hope it goes okay.

2fnbad <--- The doctor did not say anything going on for fixing it. If its not you who has the problem after I understand but I find it concrete to believe any doctor would send you away in need talking over treatment , cures , and other things along that string. Or give you a website or a book and or info something.

If thats the suitcase then thats some doctor. "It seem your spine is shrinking. Ok have a correct day cart care bye bye."

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im 21 yrs outdated i have ( dont know how to spell it right ) skoliosis and the doc told me that when i be young my body grew efficient and my spine didnt catch up, i also when im sleeping my arms budge numb, never touched my scalp, but not both of them go numb its any one of the other and it scares me cuase i cogitate im having a stroke or somthing, but yea next to my desiese i have outstandingly sharp neck and pay for pains too but not everyday, only similar to once in a while, ive lived next to it since i was 14, i would suggest to move about to another doc and get re-evaluated... hopes this help!

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Yes, I hold heard of this, and I am wondering what else the doctor told you. It sounds resembling to me that you are having a bulging disc that is to say hitting a neve that is cause these pain symptoms, I would also be curious as to what the doctor suggested for this problem.

While it is true that as we age our spinal colum looses minerals, and the discs start to loose moisture, the symptoms you are describing are much more serious that simple aging.

I have back sugery several years ago, and while my functioning is much better the backache is still there, but I hold a good spasm management specialist. I also suffered a work related injury where my level of functioning have further decreased, but it is separate from my origional injury say the doctor, which is a good point as they are ways to slow down the natural progression of the discs degenerate.

I am not a physician, so I am not qualified to give medical counsel, but when I mentioned the numbing, burning and tingling in my leg an foot, the doctors got right on it and i have the mri, which showed a disc hurniation (sp?) large bone fragments floating around, and surgery be scheuled the next week. Now that be for my lower back, not the d¨Ścolletage, and the neck is within a whole different ballgame.

Be severely cautious in the region of what ever suggestions the docs might give you near regard to sugery option, such a fusion or inserting pins to the affected discs. There are upright sources of information available on all sorts of medical issues on WebMD. I used this site to attain a lot of information prior to the surgery, and go to an online support group there after the surgery.

Good luck, and be easy-going with your movements until your situation is more stabalized. My thoughts are next to you.

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carpenter'shammerer (the guy who mentioned spondylosis) is probably right, though for the life of me I can't digit out why its affecting mostly your right arm. Get a second opinion, seriously. And from a different doctor. It could be something else.

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I bet you are conversation about spinal stenosis. It is a shrinking of the spine and I enjoy it along with several other spinal diseases. It is certainly a narrowing of the spine. It can squeeze your spinal cord and nerves. Of course it will affect your neck and arm. Mine is in the lower spine and I am lastingly disabled because of severe stenosis. I have be ruled out as a surgical candidate and will finish off up in a stool at some point.I have several herniated discs as powerfully as degenerative joint and disc disease. I am 47 and hold had this since 19. It is awful and I preference you good luck. You enjoy this other pain because the nerves to these other parts adjectives come from the spine. Everything starts in the spine.

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