How much does a hairline fracture hurt?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 individual most painful), how much would a small hairline fracture on the head hurt? I hurt my go before and cheekbone the other day and it be very bloody at the time it got hit. It narrowly hurts anymore and doesn't really bother me much but at the same time, I can quality it. Wondering if a fracture is a possibility.

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You can see from the answers the others hold provided that everyones different. Hairline fractures can be really painful contained by some people and others just notice they hold it. Hairline fractures are really called stress fractures. It is a contracted break in the bone and usually (depends for respectively person) the doctors will usually tell you to only just take it glib, wear a brace, stay off of it , and your body should treat it yourself. Its minimal trauma to your bone and because the crack extends to the outer layer of the bone instead of adjectives the way through it will not hurt as a "normal" broken bone.

Personal Experience: I have surgery on a bone in my foot and because the bone be brittle afterwards the bone broke but it was a small mane line fracture. I didnt know it at the time and I be in alot of headache, I couldnt walk and my physicians instructions at the time was to merely take it jammy on it and it would heal up on itself and he be wrong! I was still complaining of twinge all the time and finally a couple months then he saw that it wasnt healing so he have to perform another surgery to put a screw to hold that bone together!

Usually its not that big of a accord and even if they find a hairline fracture they will probably tell you to rime the area, try to pilfer it easy, and help yourself to something for the pain or swelling similar to advil or motrin. On the negative side, they may require splints sometimes and if its serious they may enjoy to do something my warning is to go see a doctor, they will probably want to do a X-Ray and determine where on earth to go from in attendance. But I do want to tell you that Xrays dont other show hairline fractures and they might want to do a MRI or a bone scan (they sound impossible but Ive done both and its just resembling x-rays).It wouldnt hurt to go but not going could wrap up up being a problem.

I read your other ask about going to the doctor and after I read roughly getting hit in the head by the motor door, I think you should step to the doc just because its not surrounded by your leg or your arm or something like that, your nouns is a bit more serious!

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depends on your pain threshold.
it is pretty throbbing and can easily register a 7 or 8. if you are really worried you necessitate to have it x shaft of light ed

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it hurts pretty inadequately. around an 8. it also last roughly speaking a week.

fracture.. leaves a lump from the bones molding back together again and it also hurts for give or take a few a week. a compound fracture hurts for about 2-3 weeks.

subsequent time be more careful!

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hairline fractures, compared to other forms of fracture, are the tiniest painful. but, seeing as you get one in the facade, that would hurt A LOT i would guess. i got a hairline fracture in the growth plate in my right thumb playing goalie and i not quite felt it, a moment ago heard a pop. but i also own a high cramp tolerance.

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