What can I do to cure a tight/sore quad muscle?

I have not long began running track for my highschool (I'm a sprinter). About a week ago I started experiencing strain in my quad while sprinting. My quad tightens up and i'm in serious cramp. I have be using heat pad and been taking ibuforen, but it doesn't seem to be like it is working. I've haven't be running in 4 days but my quad still seems to be bugging me. It doesn't hurt to amble on it. It just starts to hurt when I run and try to stretch it out. It have been starting to bruise also. What should I do?

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Sounds close to you pulled the muscle. Alternate heat and cold and MILD stretching.
Unfortunately, the simply thing specifically going to heal it is time. It is possible that you if truth be told tore the muscle tissue, hence the bruising. Extensive rubbing of the area could end in bruising also.
Have you discussed this with your track coach? If the condition get worse or in a week or so you see no development, you should probably see a doctor, preferably one that specializes in sports medication.
If it is more like a muscle cramp in attendance is something you can try. Take your thumb (or if you can't reach the nouns easily beside your thumb have someone else do it) and apply direct pressure to the cramped nouns, as hard as you can stand, and hold it for at lowest 30 seconds. You may necessitate to do this in several areas, possibly more than once. Do not rub, that can bruise the skin tissue.
But if it feel more like a strained muscle, don't use the pressure. You could impose further damage.
Good luck beside this.

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Hi at hand...You most certainly hold disruption (tear) of the fibers of the quedriceps muscle, and there is a small clot inside of the muscle, that hurts unpleasantly.
The pain will subside until the torn fibers of the quad hold established a "bridge" to connect again, and the hematoma or "clot" inside the muscle have solved.
There is no use to own analgesics either by mouth or onjected, if you dont rest, next to a proper elastic cold compress applied fron knee to groin for at lowest 12 days,
Topical (local) application of ointments, pad, etc are of no use, and in yourcase, a dissipate of money.
REST and mild bandage pressure to agree to the muscle heal, are the mainstay of treatment.
Elastic bandages should be applied from the knees upwards to the groin , and change the bandage at least once each day, making sure NOT to leave the pressure too thight, (You stipulation MILD pressure) in writ to void intergering near proper circulation of blood.
Secondly, a good muscle relaxant within tablets ( for instance, tizanidine tablets 2 miligrams 4 times a day, brand given name, Sirdalud, Sandoz Laboratories) will be of lots of help
Several over the counter and prescription brans are around, one of such brands, is Robaxisal, that must be taken next to meals solitary, 2 tablets with meal TDS,
In the first 4 days, applying packs of rime during the day, can be lots of back.
You will need to borrow from friends, or hire within the local orthoi
paedic stores, a pair of crutches, to way of walking around (to the abthroom for instance), nobody likes to move about around on them, however you NEED those, to be back to common again.
Do not be shocked or surprised if a blood stain (Purple hematoma) appears on the skin of your thigh...it will become green, then wan, and will dissapear yn 7-9 days

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