What nature of doctor is it that deals next to sports/joint/tendon/muscl... injury/rehabilitation?

To be more specific, I want to see a specialist, about a carpal tunnel/RSI (Repetative Stress Injury) related injury.

I be thinking that Orthapedic, would be the type I am looking for, but when looking at the list of specialty types within my insurances list of perticipating providors, I single see Orthapedic Surgeon. No orthapedic non-surgeons, and I doubt I need surgery.

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You entail an orthopedic surgeon. They don't always recommend surgery. Find one who know about RSI.

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For carpel tunnel you need to see a doc that specailizes contained by in mitt and joints. You will find them in the pale pages. If looking by insurance afterwards an orthopedic doc is the one who deals near this.

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A sports medicine doctor may be your best bet first , he/she can want if you need to see a specialist.

I do know chiropractors contract with carpal tunnel as all right.

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Well first of all you inevitability to see your PCP (regular doctor) to get a referral to a specialist. Most expected he/she will refer you to an orthopedic surgeon. That doesn't necessarily mean you stipulation surgery. The specialist will then bear you through some steps like physical dream therapy, prescribed steroids, cortizone shots, and as a last result, surgery. Surgery is other the last resort because if the condition can be better through another method, there is no stipulation for surgery. Doesn't matter who you deliberate you need to see. The doctor will put you on the right causeway to recovery. Trust them. FYI my carpal tunnel superior greatly after steriods and physical therapy.

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If you deliberate there is effrontery damage, a neurologist might be the guy to walk to and do nerve conduction test on you.

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First start next to an orthopedic surgeon possible one that specializes in paw injuries...then tolerate he or she decide what to do subsequent...dealing with an injury is a multistep process...unquestionably see a surgeon for now

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