What do you do if you accidentaly swallowed some juice laundry detergent?


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now you fart bubbles

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Drink abundantly of milk, and call poison control at 1-800-222-1222

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Eat a yard goods softner it should go dutiful with the detergent.

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There is no instrument you "accidently" swallowed laundry detergent. Contact a poision control center. Have the bottle handy. Depending on the formula you may need to attain to a hospital for treatment. Call 911.
STOP taking dares after this.

Interesting Procedures?

drink some milk, the milk will relieve dilute the detergent without making you blow bubbles. it will also composed your stomach. try it if it does not help contact a dr or poison controll center. also check out the sticky label on the container it may tell you what you entail to do if the product is accidently ingested. good luck

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drink lots of river and throw it up see a doctor. and by the way adapt your drinking habits

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the worst is dying. ring up poison control. whatever you do DON'T try throwing it up, it will trade name it worse. drink lots and lots of fluid like milk.

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Read the instructions on the box.

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and the sticky label states:
"If swallowed, drink a glass of hose."

The next string:
"...call a physician."

I would rob that to mean the poison control
center at your local emergency room.

Sorry...but I am lately too/too curious about
what will happen at your "other running out."

I'd guess you're going to "have the runs."
Prepare yourself!

This is for Answers4u, in relation to my scoliosis,?

Check the label. Depending on what is truly in it, the best course of movement will be different. It is probably *not* a correct idea to induce vomiting, and *probably* a perfect idea to drink milk or sea. It is DEFINITELY a good conception to call poison control or 911 (or the equivalent number where on earth you live).

If it's bleach you swallowed, drink large amounts of dampen, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING, and call a doctor right now.

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I hope you're stocked up on T.P. Drink milk and call poison control.

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You need to give the name poison control. I understand how this could casual happen as my aunt drank pine sol.
Best Of Luck To You

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There's nil to really worry around. Liquid laundry detergents are usually harmless unless you bought one that contains some sorts of bleach or strong stain removers etc.

Maybe you'll be surprised: Liquid detergents sold to wipe up fruits and vegetables are nothing than milder version of laundry detergents.

The acids in your stomach will neutralize the detergent any style and had you be at any serious risk- symptoms would have be evident inwardly 45 minutes to 1 hour- the time it takes for any significant quantity of toxin to build up and make you sick.

Check what ingredients are scheduled on the detergent container and usually it will be something harmless. But if you do find something that scare or worries you and if you develop signs of poisoning, rush to a hospital or call the nearest poison mainstay.

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Drink milk

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