What's this pill? White oblong w/ 0924 on one side & 93 on the other?


What do you do for migraines?

your pill is called Oxaprozin or Daypro 600mg it is an NSAID or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It help to reduce Inflammation and confidence mild to moderate pain. It also help to reduce hallucination and ease the symptoms of Arthritis.


Im a sprinter and i pulled my hamstring but could possibly be a stress fracture, after 2 weeks can i run?

Look here. A document of pills that are oblong with '93' on them.

I own bad headach's and my subsidise hurts all the time?

I did a speedy search or the PDR and didn't find a pill beside 93 & 0924. Perhaps it is an OTC medication.

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