How long does Ibuprofen stay in your system (after 600mg over 12 hrs)?


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600mg is a pretty good dose. Single doses in some countries can be up to 800mg for an adult. There are two ways of approaching this interrogate: one of how long is it effective within your system (providing the effects for which you took the drug) and the other of how long until it is eliminated.

Effectiveness: The half-life of ibuprofen (the time after which half the dose have been eliminated) is nearly 2 hours. The time during which the medication is effective as an antipyretic or analgesic is up to 6-8 hours. This is why dosage take place every 4-8 hours (so that you have a continual supply of the drug at as expected effective levels).

Elimination: In lingo of how long it is until it is excreted entirely (almost all via urine near less than 2% within stool), it takes up to 24 hours following the final dose for adjectives the metabolites to be excreted.

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ibuprofen will exit your system surrounded by 12-24 hours, depending on your body. the dosage doesn't effect time in your system, it just effects the potency of the drug during its duration i your body. so it may one and only take 12 hours to achieve out of your body, and the 600mg is just unfolding you how strong it will be in your body.

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