How much does it cost to rent crutches from walgreens?


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you cant rent them from walgreens only buy them for 39.99

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I didn't know you could rent crutches from Walgreens. I own always gotten mine from the hospital.

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Why rent? You can bring a real inexpensive set from the Salvation Army Stores or from the Goodwill Stores. Pick up you phone and ask for some price quotes. If you own insurance coverage, they should tell you what to do and where on earth to get them. If not, release your money and shop by phone. Best wishes

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If you visited a hospital or doctors bureau they usually give you a couple if you cant afford them. A second hand store is also a honest and enexpensive way to progress as the user below mentioned. Wal mart i think sell them for 8 dollars or so. You'd probably spend more money renting them.

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I live right behind a walgreens and im other playing with the crutches beside my gf there but yeah i dont come up with you can rent them. maybe buy them i estimate they cost like $20-35
weelchairs and those 4 legged crutches are cool:)

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