What happen if you don't remove a splinter?

I have something similar to a splinter in my finger except I don't give attention to it's wood. I was inept to remove it and it is beneath the surface of my finger. If I leave it within, will my finger become infected? Is it imperative that it be removed?

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It depends on a LOT of things. I am almost 46 years older, and I swear I must have plenty splinters in my feet to equal a unbroken tree... When I was younger I run around barefoot all the time (still do whenever I can). Sometimes my dad (a doctor, himself) would sterilize a plunger with a meeting and pick the bugger out... other times, I preferred the momentary pain of a stuck splinter to a hypodermic in the foot.

That said, some splinters become infected and some do not. Best entry to do is some preventative care.

Soak your finger in hot wet (as hot as you can stand it - not boiling... not scalding) for about 15 to 20 minutes. That should loosen your skin adequate to make the splinter any float out on its own, or make it easier to tweeze it out.

If the splinter does not come out after soaking, next the hot water will hold, at least, cause your infection-fighting white blood cells to rise closer to the surface of your skin... You'd be amazed at how economically a simple thing approaching hot soaks help hold infections down.

In addition, as long as the splinter is lodged in your finger, hold on to soaking it nightly... pat it dry... may dip it in a small bowl of hydrogen peroxide... pat dry, and then use somewhat Neosporin with a Band-aid.

Now, let's voice you do all those things and the affliction continues and gets worse, possibly the area around the splinter reddens and get tender... if that happens, after adjectives your preventative care, later go to your doctor... you might stipulation some antibiotics... and maybe, at worse, the doc might involve to lance your finger and bring back the splinter out.

One last consideration... where on earth did you get the splinter? And when be your last tetanus shot? If it's be more than ten years, I would definitely jump for the tetanus shot, to be on the safe side.

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Get to the Doctor and grasp it out

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if it didn't go too weighty then you're probably okay. but preserve and eye on it. if it gets red or sore, draw from it removed.

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Yeah, if you quit it there too long it will receive infected and you'll have to tolerate the doctor look at it.

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unless it get infected your body will surround it in a puss membrane untill the skin can grow around it and cause a unyielding knot. later it will be very intricate to remove, get it out very soon

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It could draw from infected. Try digging it out with some tweezers or a sewing syringe. If you still can't get it out, turn to the doctor.


it will either work its process deeper into your skin or it will get infected and it will receive a bump then you pop the pus sack and it will come out beside that

if it is a pressure treated splinter then i would run to the doctors because the stuff they put on the wood is harmful to you

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Yes it needs to come out, try breaking the skin near a needle and tweezers to remove. What is the splinter and where on earth did you get it? You involve to know if the source is a likely tetanus threat, if so receive a tetanus booster too.

If you still can't get the splinter out, try Magnesium Sulphate cement under a plaster, this will draw it out plus any pus. You can buy the attach over the pharmacy counter.

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If it is sore and their is profusely of redness around the nouns then my proposal would be to visit your doctor it will put your mind at facility.

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