Does snorting Oxycontin spawn the product work faster?

I have be worried about my brother because he have been crushing up the pills and snorting it or mixing it up in his morning coffee. He suffers from chronic spinal column and neck misery and swears he does it thay way to speed up the affliction relief. He also take oxycontin that is time released but just crushes up the oxycodone. He does not take more than the doctor directives. Can snorting or drinking this medication be harmful to him?

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Drinking or snorting the medication can be injurious to the body because your body gets a rush of the medication, and next it's gone again so you can have heart attacks, and other side effects from it. If he is single crushing the Oxycontin he is not in as much immediate threat, but the Oxycontin has a time release on it which can be paid it fatal if you crush the pill up. I do know of relations that do crush some medications to achieve better pain nouns, but you have to produce sure that they don't have any time release coating on them, but he should chat to his doctor about it because secure medications can own an adverse effect ont he body. If he isn't getting adequate affliction relief he should agree to his doctor and see a pain nouns doctor (if he isn't already seeing one) and see if there is something that another doctor or a strain management doctor can do to trademark his pain more bearable.

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yes, it makes it work quicker, but it can be cruel if he is not careful. crushing or snorting it make the high not final as long, also.

Snorting oxycontin results in immediate giant that is stronger than it would be if taken out loud. If oxycontin is taken orally it may nick an hour or more to hit and the high is not as strong as it would be if snorted or injected. However, the soaring lasts longer if taken vocally.

Some users who find injecting and snorting unappealing remove the time release coating and whip oxycontin orally. This cause the drug to hit at one time rather than one slowly time released. The user gets superior than they would if the pill had a time release coating.

Be sure to swallow OxyContin tablets undamaged. If broken, crushed, or chewed, the tablets quickly release a potentially incurable overdose of oxycodone. Abusing OxyContin by chewing the tablets, snorting crushed tablets, or dissolving and injecting their contents can slow down or stop breathing and lead to annihilation. Injecting OxyContin can also kill the tissue around the injection site and trigger heart and lung problems.

They are abused any as intact tablets or by crushing or chewing the tablet and then swallowing, snorting or injecting. Products containing oxycodone in combination near acetaminophen or aspirin are abused orally. Acetaminophen present in the combination products poses an further risk of liver toxicity upon chronic abuse. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, the estimated number of hospital emergency department mentions involving oxycodone remained stable prior to 1996, but increased in the order of 6-fold from 3190 in 1996 to 22,397 within 2002. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, oxycodone was found surrounded by 5.4% (674) of the total drug-related deaths within Florida in 2004. Based on the toxicology reports, oxycodone be cited as a causative drug in 340 death. The manner of oxycodone death cited included accidental (64%), suicide (19%), automatic (15%) and undetermined (2%).

I was contained by love," he remembers of his first OxyContin dose. "I felt numb adjectives over. Warm and fuzzy."

Within a few months, he was snorting Oxycontin, looking for a more potent high-ranking. He took doses that cost him $100 a day. "I'd bring back sick if I didn't have it," he say. "I'd go 12 hours and my body would twinge and hurt."

He quit school and sold anything he could to buy more OxyContin: his sports car, his mini-fridge, his microwave, the college savings bonds his grandfather bought him.

In January, his friends suggested a cheaper big: heroin. He started selling the drug with his buddy. They drove to Massachusetts every week to buy more. "We'd find 10 grams, sell partly and do half," Harriman say.

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Snorting anything isn't obedient for you.

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I'm a bit confused. The way you ask the press makes it seem to be like he's snorting the Oxycontin, but reading further it looks resembling he also gets plain Oxycodone direct release and is crushing it up and snorting it or taking it that way. I'm going to address both issues, since I don't know which is what is really going on.

First past its sell-by date, a lot of populace think that simply removing the coating from the pill and taking it together causes a rush of medication. This is NOT true. The coating is for credentials purposes ONLY. The time realease mechanism is contained by the tablet itself, bound to the molecules of Oxycodone; the only channel to defeat the apparatus is to crush the pill. From Wikipedia: "Often mistaken as the time release, the outside coating of the pill is merely used as a color code for different dosage amounts." Also, if he's a chronic pain lenient, he's not looking for a high, only pain nouns and if he's not getting adequate dull pain relief he may be abuse the medication because he's afraid to talk to his doctor roughly that. (Chronic pain patients enjoy generally gone through the humilitaion of mortal made to feel resembling a junkie by at least one doctor and are regularly fearful of talking to their doctor more or less their pain by the time they are put into backache management.) As such, I wouldn't catalogue him as a "user", which has a different connotation to me than a lenient who is prescribed the meds.

If he's crsuhing up the Oxycontin, then it's ridiculous unless he's trying to acquire a rush of the medication. If you defeat the time release, the spasm rellief from the drug doesn't last the full 12 hours and he might as all right just be taking the on the spot release form. If, however, he's crushing up the immediate realse form of the medication, after yes, it will work faster by a little bit but not an iota better. If he gets the instantaneous release drug in medication form, it's designed so that it can be opened and sprinkled into food or fluid for people who can't swallow pills economically. If he's snorting it, he's actually LOSING bioavailability (the fraction of an administered dose of impervious drug that is engrossed by your system; bioavailability for IV medications is 100% and decrease based on other methods of ingestion). Snorting Oxycodone give you a bioavalability of about 46-47%, but swallowing it give you a bioavalability of 60-87%. so snorting it is terribly inefficient and in actual fact gives him smaller amount of the drug even though it works faster. However, as I said earlier, if he's swallowing it after he's crushed it and he's taking the instantaneous release Oxycodone, it's not "abuse" because it is administered that way to individuals who can't swallow pills well, and it will work slightly faster. Crushing an Oxycontin, however, does failure the time-release mechanism and is ill-treat.

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