How do I put together vicodin or oxy at home?

if you could give me a cooperation to a how to id would be extremely thankful

I fell resembling I have taken durgs but I hae not.?

Here's a cooperation...they will definitely assist you next to your question.


Fibromyalgia sufferers?

ask Dr.House...its Tuesday he comes on tonight!!!

how do I attain free plastic surgery by donating my skin to burn victims?

it's illegal, please don't ask question like that. if you want it, ask a doctor.

I Sprained My Foot About A week ago and it be swollen then and the swollen hasn't gotten down but?

Oh, good grief. I almost shot root beer out of my muzzle.

You CAN'T make it at home. And very soon, you've alerted the DEA to watch you VERY favourably for drug activity. If you are trying to form it at home, you probably have be abusing this for a long time. There is NO WAY to manufacture this yourself.

What is trombolism?

those are patented medications, the recipe is off limits for public distribution.

Looking to provide care in my home for a disabled or elderly person. Best road to find the right one?

Well, if it could be done; you would have to be extremely stupid to do so.

It is illegitimate to make drugs at home, you will be arrested in the past you can use any of the supposed product.

Smarten up.

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