Are ethex 237 and watson 795 strain killer?

i found them in my sons room i wana know if their pain killer only that and if they are how much he paid for them.

concered parent

Is it ok to appropriate my arm out of the sling for an hour or 2 after i broke my collar bone 2 days ago?


Imprint: WATSON795
Description: Tab, Blue, Round, Watson over 795
Ingredient & Strength: Dicyclomine HCl 20 mg
Brand (or equiv.): Bentyl
Firm: Watson
NDC#: 00591-0795
Class;Sch: Gastrointestinal

ETHEX / 237 0.375 mg
Hyoscyamine Sulfate SR is a ginger oblong tablet imprinted with ETHEX / 237, and is available surrounded by packs of 100.
Bladder pill.

SO no, they aren't.

This is me venting/taking a break from studying/putting rotten memorizing medical terminology/asking for direction?

These particular pills are not a problem, one is for irritable bowel syndrome and the other to treat bladder problems. He may enjoy been told they were something else but if so there's no approach to know what he might have paid for them.
As a parent I would also verbs that he found them and is saving these hoping to find out theyre something "good". Doesn't sound resembling you have a serious problem, if you did he would have specified these were worthless.
Of course, there is also the possibility a friend is taking these, ask him to stick them within his pocket at some point and they were forgotten.
Time for a talk. I suggest you don't explain to him what they are for, let him tell you. If it is innocent he will know they're for stomach problems, that practice is your only leverage you have to achieve to the truth at this time.

I obtain migraines so impossible I throw up and attain them surrounded by my collar I own tried adjectives medictions and the are worn-out?

here's a link for the watson.
Here is one you can find the ethex 237

Would your son have Rx medication for something you knew nothing roughly speaking? It sounds like you may have a problem.

The fruitless news if he has any Rx medication that you don't know what it's for is desperate. The good news is that it is you, and not the police or worse are discovering it. Help isn't tricky to find anymore. If you need some help contact me, I can dispense you some good links.
And I'm not talking more or less pain meds. The new 'cool' entity with kids in this nouns is to get whatever Rx meds they can and put them adjectives in a bowl, then kids simply take them not having any conception what they are for. If your son had a condition that he would have be taking those meds for you would have known it I hope.
Pain pills aren't the solitary thing that kids try to catch a buzz anymore. Hopefully you know what they are for, but if, don't think it's ok just because they weren't misery meds. It's a crazy game that kids are playing now that have taken the life of a few kids that I have hear of in recent months. There was a kid surrounded by this area a few months ago that had an allergic hostile response to a common medication and died.
It use to be people would singular abuse certain drugs. For awhile it be diet pills, then things like qualudes, consequently vicodins and oxycotin,,,but now it's just anything!! It doesn't issue. They busted kids at parties with everything from morphine to 'day after' pills.
There is a really polite article on it on the DOJ website.

It has got doomed to failure enough that they have be running Public Service messages on TV about the problem the past few months

Here is a great relationship I think you should check out. Good luck and search Rx foul language and kids

Or you may want to look at this one

How to stop a blood try-out from hurting? Help would be soooo much appreciated!?

The Watson one sounds familiar,
I bought a drug book at local pharm. with pictures and pharist can usually make clear to by the numbers and brand, (watson,etc.) hope this helps

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