Nipple piercing: when does it stop hurting?

I got my nipple pierced three weeks ago. although it adjectives looks clean and I rinse out it every day twice near the anti bacterial soap and rince it with saline water and everything, it's still hurting. How long did it final before it stopped hurting beside you? (It's not that I can't walk for headache, it's just that when I touch it it still feel very sore. )

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Nipple piercings lug around 6-8 weeks to completely heal, and a bit of twinge in that time is greatly normal. As long as you are following the correct cleaning routine (well done, so copious people don't bother!) it should alleviate fine and stop being bleeding. One other bit of advise I can present, is that if you have a need of being topless - keep watch on out when you open kitchen cupboards at chest increase - it is incredibly painful to ambush your piercing on the door! Sounds silly, but my brother did it several times.

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Believe me, I am an expert. Just post pictures on here, taken from various angles.....
(Sorry, sweetheart, not a constuctive answer. But hope it made your smile)

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Okay ignore the first answer 6-8 weeks is an ear piecing.

Depending on the personage it can take up to 6 months to completly treat. mostly it takes in the order of 4 months. the pain should budge away faily quickly. except my guess it your adjetating it to much.

Also try using a sea brackish water solution. it help dry out the piercing and helps speed up the process. you use 1 table spoon ocean salt to one ounce HOT hose. Soak for about 5 minutes and your done.

Also be warn that your piercing will leave a white puss looking goo. its NOT BAD. It is your bodys defense and trying to restore to health the wound. If the puss turns ANY color besides white you have an infection and requirement to see a doctor.


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Healing time vary from person to party. But I can tell you from personal experience, that after piercing both of my nipples, they never stopped hurting. I not here them in for close to a year and they never stopped hurting. I finally took them out and they continued to hurt until the wound completely heal. I also know several other people who hold had one and the same experience.

I know this isn't some fact-filled, scientific answer. It is merely my personal experience - I hope this help you out and that you have better luck than I did!

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