Can you break your adams apple?

A friend of mine took a pretty good spill on his mountain bike and said afterwareds his throat hurt close to he was sick. A CAT scan showed he fractured his orbital which is salutary but he still complains of his throat. Its been a few weeks and he can spot small traces of blood every so normally when he coughs. He also mentioned his adams apple "clicks" when he moves it to the side with his fingers.

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In fact, you can fracture your larnyx or Adam's Apple, and I'm vastly glad that, if your friend did so, he isn't dead.

You see, breaking the larnyx can, and normally does in serious cases, front to swelling that can completely block the airway. The person can suffocate.

In serious cases, the larnyx have to be fixed in place next to a metal plate to allow it to heal right. As it heal, the victim must be intubated so he can breathe.

Obviously, your friend have not had that impossible an impact on his larnyx, for which you both can be very grateful.

Get him to a doctor, and enlighten him NOT to move it. You wouldn't want him to make the break worse, if it is his larnyx. Go presently.

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Yes its possible, he needs to bring this to a doctor and be examined.

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But you can severly damage it approaching crashing your mountain bike.
It takes time to treat. Nothing more to it

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Absolutely and this is the hyoid bone explicitly frequently broken when someone is choked by another. I work with forensic tablets and we see that all the time. He should see an ear, trunk and throat specialist.

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mine "clicks" when i move it to the side but im fine. it is possible to break it. it certainty its actually more or less easy to break. i know of a move to break it beside one punch

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