Does pus other = infection?

I have a wound from a vehicle accident where on earth a piece of glass go through my ear so it was charitable of like i get my ears pierced unintentionally.

It's medicinal now, or so I thought but only just pus just started coming out when i pushed it too easier said than done. I clean and disinfect it every time but does this necessarily mean infection?

How long does it pilfer for a saparated shoulder to heal and any recommendation for an easier recovery?

Pus is a moment ago white blood cells. White blood cell are what your body used to fight rotten infection, so they are going to be there even if its not if truth be told "infected".

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YES! go to the doctor and take some antibiotics.

i got a blister on my appendage a couple of days ago..and somehow it got infected. i took my relieved self right in and they put my on Keflex.

Whenever a wound is 'weepy' resembling that you need to grasp it taken care of.
travel to webmd... they will tell you equal thing. That's what i did!

What is this type of director gear used for in the medical profession?

Pus is a byproduct of an infection. In some cases it is a pious sign.... it means your white blood cell are killing the infection and trying to remove it from your body. The singular way out however is the route it came contained by... if you experience lots of severe red streaks, that is a end in for concern and a trip either to the ER or Doctor, as the infection is spreading and becoming more severe. Hope this help and makes sense :-)

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Pus is usually a sign of a local infection. It is our bodies route of cleaning up. It is made up of dead white and red blood cell along with necrotic tissue that our body have liquified. If the area around the wound is swollen, red, tender or warm, or if you are running a frenzy go to the doctor. You may want an antibiotic to help your body clear the infection up.

Oooo nooooooooooooo?

Pus is a collection of unresponsive cells, cellular jetsam, and primarily neutrophils which are white blood cells. It can just arise as a result of infection, but not necessarily bacterial infection - infection from fungi, viruses, protozoa etc. can also grounds pus.

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Pus almost other means infection.

It is possible to enjoy a so-called 'sterile' abscess where pus develops surrounded by response to a foreign body without an infectious organism human being present; but that still means *something* is cause a problem and it should be looked at.

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