Ganglion surgery for drummers?

I am a drummer and I have a ganglion on my right wrist thats aching that I want removed (by surgery)

If I had my ganglion removed, how long would it be until I could play again?


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I have a ganglion cyst on my right hand for copious years. I had the choice of surgery, but my orthopedic doctor told me that it might go away on its own, so I chose not to do it. Eventually the cyst go away on its own, which often happen with this type of cyst.

I have a great deal of discomfort as all right. I would use a heating wipe on the hand and it help with the agony.

It will probably take you going on for three to four months before you hold healed and can play the drums again.

Good luck

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I dont know about drumming but I have a ganglion cyst removed from my left wrist several years ago and it still give me some grief. Mainly now I find cramps in my foot so bad that I cant hold a piece of treatise.

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A ganglion cyst can come and travel, with varying level of severity. You may have one, it may disappear, and return worse than in the past. And surgery does not guarantee that it will stay away. I know patients who have have them removed, only to hold them return. Applying pressure makes them disappear in size, as all right as wearing a splint on your wrist when they are present.

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