Recurring pulled calf muscle?

I am 39 years old and relish playing competitive basketball. However, I am continually pulling my calf muscles. This started about 6 years ago, and I can't appear to play for any extended period of time, designation that I'll play for a month or two, then verbs a calf. I'll be out resting that calf for three weeks to a month, return to playing basketball, then one to two months then I pull the other calf. I do hold unusually large (muscular) calves, which is a nearest and dearest trait, and it's the only muscle I'm pulling on my body. I'm looking for an answer better than "stretch better". I am pulling the calf after have been playing for an hour or more. I do own occasional times when I play that my calves both stiffen up, which makes my final stiffen up, which causes some significant discomfort. I don't know if that's related, but I thought I'd mention it.

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I'd push for that you see a doctor. Get a prescription for physical therapy (if you're within the US. I'm not sure how these things work in other countries.) You need specific exercises to stretch and strengthen your calves and ankles. They'll probably be simple things, similar to toe taps, but your foot have about 22 bones surrounded by it. Any one of them could be slightly out of place, or not moving properly, which could increase the pressure on your calves.

If your support hurts as any part of this, abdominal strength will facilitate. Lie on your back and do sit ups and bent leg lift, keeping the lower back flat on the floor. Move slowly and smoothly to strengthen your abs.

Release work can relief the calves as well. Self manipulate, using your hands (grab the calf next to both hands and verbs your thumbs in, benignly widening the muscle from the center out to the sides). You can also put your lower leg on a firm surface and use a small orb (baseball size, or smaller) to work at the pressure points. The ball goes beneath your calf on the hard surface.

If this have been going on for 6 years, you entail professional help. Find a worthy doctor and physical therapist, someone who have worked with athletes, or dancers. In the miserable time, stretch, do the ab work, and the release techniques.

I'm a fitness trainer, and former dancer, and I've have a lot of calf injuries.

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It could be the passageway that you are running on the court. If you have fruitless running form you will strain your muscles until you are able to fix the problem. (Same point happened to me). Also cause sure you have accurate support in your shoes, try some supporting insoles, and lastly as you said stretch,lol. Make sure you are getting ample protein for your muscles too. Drink lots of water. Hope these serve, and if not after try to go see a physician. apt luck.

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