How long should your arm hurt after a tetanus shot?

I got the shot yesterday afternoon, but my shoulder still hurts to move or touch. How long should this ending? Is there any drive for concern?

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Hi Frannie,

I'm sorry it hurts, I asked your very query about a year ago, I get a shot that hurt so bad, it be awful. If they put it in the muscle it take awhile to feel better, mine took in the region of 5 days, it swelled all up, turned red, throbbed and the skin be hot to the touch, the dr office said that happen sometimes, never happened to me next to them before but I guess I never have it in a muscle in the past either. Ice it and appropriate advil to make it quality better. If you can lightly squeeze it, that helps too.

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it usually go away in the one day=you might own gotten it in the muscle and it will cart a day or two more =sorry

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HAHA! I newly got mine concluding last Tuesday. It hurt till give or take a few thursday or friday ish. maybe saturday I know, It REALLY hurt me. My friend punched me within the arm, and it was so rough. don't worry, it'll find better.

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I enjoy had two tetanus shots. The first hurt greatly for 3-4 days. The second didn't hurt at all.


it take about 2-3 days to stop hurting,i revulsion get tetanus needles, your right you enjoy a dead arm but dont verbs its normal.

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Tetanus shots hurt like hell. I get one right after Hurricane Katrina and my arm and shoulder stayed sore nearly a week. The pain and soreness seem to be worse on the third day after the shot, and unhurriedly faded after a few days.

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A tetanus shot is one that have to be given in the muscle of your arm. Yes, it does hurt. It can hurt anywhere from 3-4 days & be tender if you lay on it or bump it. But what you're experiencing is run of the mill. Then it's good for the subsequent 7 yrs. At least it's not something you enjoy to get every year anyway. That's the apposite news!

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