Pain on the side of my wrist where on earth pinky finger is.?

I have throbbing in my wrist that sometimes feel like an electrical shock and make me drop things. You can see and feel a place that sticks out farther than the other one. I've be tested for carpal tunnel and that is not it. And I also have a ganglion cyst removed from the top of my wrist. So its not related to either of those. If anyone else have had this features of pain please permit me know what it could be.

Bright Blue Veins...?

It sounds like a form of Neuropathy; that happen when your nerves misfire due to damage, surgery or unquestionable medical conditions such as Diabetes. It causing cramp, weakness and even swellings in the small muscles, which might sketch for the area you see " sticking out. " Go posterior to the Doctor, tell him or her something like your symptoms and loss of strength and don't leave until you procure a more thorough exam or testing.

And, don't be afraid to go and get a second opinion, any. :) I hope you feel better soon.

Hives Question?

i also hold to agree with the above answerer, could be any of those problems or you could simply have a bottle running through your pinky that is pinched the nerves running through the appendage are very small.

i would suggest getting it checked out if nought else maybe see a squeeze therapist and try to rub the muscles around the write and see if it can help wellbeing the pain or get rid of the pain that you are have.

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