What EXACTLY does it be going to to throw out your arm?

Just wondering.

Stress fracture - cast or no strike?

To throw out your arm, simply put is like a dislocation of any a bone/joint etc. or a pulled muscle or tendon depending on the location and amount of soreness,swelling,aching and redness. However, this should be see by a physician. Deedee

What could be causing my mild headache and nausea?

one of your joints pops out of the socket..and you enjoy to put it back contained by the joint...gross, right?

I fell and in a minute I can barely move my arm. Pain in elbow & shoulder is almost unbareable. Should I see a dr?

like, pulling the muscle around the shoulder area(deltoid)

I can't sit cross-legged, it hurts, is within any exercises I can do to learn?

its when u cant throw for a while cuz ur doing discouraging stuff to ur arm and u dont wat to ruin it 4 ever or have to achieve surgery

one of my friends threw it out and he had to stop pitching 4 resembling 2 yearsbut he didnt have to draw from surgery.

its pretty serious

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