Does tylenol pm variety you have unusual dreams?

I have be taking it and have the weirdest dreams lately

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This is deeply common. I own used many different sleep aids over the years, both OTC and prescription. I enjoy had this same experience near some of the meds. Some meds will give a limiting that you may experience vivid dreams. If the dreams are disturbing, you might want to try another sleep aid.

One possible reason for this, surrounded by my opinion, is that when you don't take a good night's sleep, you tend not to remember your dreams if you hold them. If you are constantly waking during the dark, your sleep cycle is disturbed and you may not be sleeping long enough at one time to enter a philosophical sleep, or REM cycle.

The sleep aid helps one procure a good night's thoughtful sleep, possibly for the first time in weeks or months, thus increasing the prospect of having dreams and remembering them.

If the tylenol PM is helping you sleep, and the dreams are not disturbing to you, i.e. nightmares, you can probably without risk continue to use them. The ingredient in one Tylenol PM is like as taking one benadryl capsule and one extra strength tylenol. Very secure.

Sleep tight, and dream on.

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Yes. I've found if I cut the dosage within half (one pill), I sleep fine and don't hold such weird dreams.

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I've tried several sleep aids,including prescriptions,and have have awful,weird dreams and masses horrific nightmares,even. It depends on the person,I imagine. But if you're having those kind of dreams I doubt they'll stop. Sometimes the side effects warning will voice "May cause 'vivid' dreams". Vivid,my ***! You entail to just try something else if it's effecting you that instrument.

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