What is the difference between "pulled muscle" and "torn muscle?

I injured my right calve muscle while playing badminton and I have so much difficulty walking presently.

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Muscle strain

Is where on earth the muscle has be pulled, overstretched or twisted, and some times tearing of the muscle. Can lug around 1-2 weeks to heal.

Muscle sprain

Is where on earth the ligaments have be over stretched of torn, ligaments help stabilise the joint, and prevent excessive movement. Depending on the severity it can take between 2-4 week to make well.

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Pain. A pulled muscle will hurt. A torn muscle will have you crawling to the nearest hospital.

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Then fix it.

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A "pulled" muscle is essentially a minor tear or elongation historic the muscle's normal stretching length. A "torn" muscle is when you severely shred the muscle causing plentifully of bleeding and swelling. How do you tell between the 2? A MRI or ultrasound can describe. From the sounds of it, it looks you pulled or strained your calf muscle. Ice and Advil/Aleve for the pain. Heel lift to put the calf off stretch and sometimes a wader helps. You win these things from your nearest podiatrist. Hope this helps!

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