What colour should I avoid to avoid mosquito? I suggest, the colours at home which mosquito dislike?


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Actually, mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide that we give bad when we exhale. They also can detect heat. Light colored clothing might aid as well.

You can repel mosquitos if you're outside by wearing a repellant near DEET in it and night light colored clothing. Having fans around the house is correct enough too because mosquitos do not approaching even the slightest breeze. But also, if you have standing river around the house and by getting rid of that, you can reduce the breeding grounds of mosquitos.

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I believe they dont see color so it really doesnt issue, your best bet is centanlla candles or if they bother you plant lemon grass around your yard, its purrrrty and does the position without chemicals. obedient luck.

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do not wear dark colors. Also put a sheet of textile softner in your pocket flaccid out. This can give you for a time relief.

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they see next to inferred and sense your PH balance so of late make sure your PH is rotten.

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