Buying painkillers in Canada minus a prescription?

We live in the U.S. My wife suffers from chronic migraines. Doctors here are greatly reluctant to prescribe painkillers with narcotics, which are the single thing strong satisfactory to help her. A friend said that she go to Canada to buy Tylenol #1 (Tylenol with codeine, which is not avail. in the U.S.) over the counter for her migraines and which her doctors will not prescribe, is available in need a prescription in Canada. We are considering doing this. Is within any city in Canada that would be best for such a activity? We are thinking of Quebec. Is Tylenol #1 the strongest non-prescription painkiller available within Canada? Are there any customs issues we should be aware of? Thanks, "suffering in Boston"

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Get your wife to a distress clinic-- preferrably one where the discomfort management doc is a neurologist. I promise that they will work next to your wifde and find the medications that work best for her distress, even if they are narcotics. She will need adjectives her medical records. This webiste have a search function to relieve patients find pain doctors within their area:

Seeing a pain doctor is much safer than trying to self medicate. The Tylenol #1 is not worthy for long-term use because of the Tylenol. My pain doc is wonderfule; even the doctor wqho FOUND the lead to of my chronic pain and told me I have to see a pain doctor made me consistency like a junkie because narcotics be what worked, but this doc definitely doesn't. He have put me on Oxycontin and OxyFast liquid for my stomach-ache and it has changed my energy. Pain docs are not afraid to write narcotic scripts because they trade name patients sign a contract stating specific rules they have to follow and agreeing to monitoring such as chaotic urine tests and pill counts to insure compliance next to medication. Good luck to you and your wife.

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You'll want a prescription to bring it into this country. Sorry. Pain killers don't really work on migraines anyway. They a moment ago dull the pain, but don't fix the situation. She should try drugs similar to Imitrex for her headaches.

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There are any number of Canadian pharmacies that you can get your prescription mail to you. You will need a prescription though. is a big one .

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I thought it was Tylenol # 3 that have codeine in it...I got it after surgery but never get it before or after such an event.
Tylenol beside codeine is strictly prescription only, not available rotten the shelf in Canada (unless Quebec have their own rules as they often do).

I construe the Canadian rules say Canadians can bring tablets or Rx to Canada if its for your own use, but you're not allowed to provide it or sell it to anyone else. USA rules might diverge, they might ban it outright if they classify it strictly as a narcotic even despite health/pain wishes.

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If your wife is suffering from migraines, she should ask her doctor to prescribe one of the new migraine medication out there, Imitrex, Amerge, Frova. The Frova worked wonders for me. If her migraines are chronic, the doctor can also prescribe the anti-seizure medication Topamax which is taken on a day after day basis. I become conscious that it works very very well for chronic migraines. Tylenol #1 or 222's as they are known surrounded by Canada, can be bought over the counter and you could just bring them vertebrae across the border without declare, but I don't recommend that. Also, they do not work for migraines, they can even cause them to become worse by cause rebound headache.

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