Is grinding your teeth at night and have stiff jaw . lock jowl? or tetanus?

is grinding your teeth at night and have stiff jaw . lock mouth? i wake up beside knee droping niggle im able to clear my mouth ok, but my teeth and jaw and ear hurt desperate, i saw the doctor he told me to go see a dentst. what will the dentist do? would this be tetanus? ive be real stressed the slip away month and im thinking it could be this, and also i had a impossible tooth the dentist filled 2months ago immediately it hurts when i wake up from grinding my teeth, shoudlnt the doctor hold examd me better. should i go bring back my tetanus shot and how much do they cost. can a tetanus shot after getting tetanus make it shift away or does it have to be until that time please help. thanks

Head Injury?

Sure its noteworthy to get a tetanus vaccine(booster) every 10 years, But I don't estimate you are currently suffering from lockjaw or tetanus!... Maybe you should try a specialist in TMJ. = Temporal Mandibular Joint disease. It sounds scarier than it really is. First they will do the appropriate diagnostic testing to evaluate whether or not you are suffering from TMJ. Then, they will fit you for a small brace, which you will wear primarily at darkness time(inside your mouth). This will help you stop 'grinding' your teeth. Grinding of the teeth can, eventually, create tooth loss and gum disease. Pain management is also essential. You mention your ear hurts, do you also own ringing in the ear? Sometimes its difficult to find a TMJ specialist. If you cannot find one in your city, I suggest you start with an orthopedist and run it from there. Stress can aggravate this condition.
I am not confident if this is your diagnosis but it doesn't hurt to explore all your option, since you need throbbing relief and stress nouns. I hope this information helps you and not wreak you more stress.

Trigemenal Neuralgia?

You dont have tetanus or lock mouth. The pressure you are using to grind your teeth at night is what make it hurt so bad. Before you stir pay money to see a dentist stir to Walgreen's or another store and see if they have something to wear at hours of darkness to keep you from grinding your teeth. The stress you are underneath is what is causing it.

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Check this trellis site.

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It could be TMJ and you can purchase a mouth gaurd at walmart for 20.00 it could also be meds or nerves causing it

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Well, you probably don't enjoy tetanus.

Tetanus was call lock-jaw because it caused extreme muscular contraction, one of these human being the jaw muscles.

It also have other symptoms though, and was (and still is) a greatly horrid disease.

If you had tetanus to such an extent you would without a doubt not be writing this now! you would be within hospital.

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Your doctor would hold known if what you own is tetanus. He referred you to your dentist because you probably have dental problems. Sometimes when relations are under great stress they do things to hurt themselves lacking realizing it. You are clenching your jaws and grinding your teeth when you sleep. I bet you also own headaches, nouns and shoulder pains too. Look at your teeth on the sides, the ones that are pointy. If you did a good adequate job grinding your teeth, you probably wore down the enamel on some of them. Go to your dentist.


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