Question just about Cocaine.?

Ok, last darkness, for the first time in my enthusiasm I rubbed Cocaine into my gums. I didn't snort it because I didn't feel similar to I was set to try it. I know it's stupid to even mess around with it at adjectives but I mean, I be curious and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Can you gain high by rubbing it into your gums? I'm not really sure if I feel anything because I was already glorious on pot.
And... from just rubbing it into your gums and on your tongue.. would you theory test positive for Cocaine?

I'm not looking for lectures because I know it's very stupid.. so.. gratefulness.

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When you rub cocaine on your gums it of late gets numb. But since your gums also hold blood vessels, some cocaine will return with into your system so you may test positive. But near cocaine, it doesn't stay in your system as long as the pot does. So, in a week it will be gone. You won't get messed up if you rub it on your gums, its lately a tingling and numb sensation. I used to know people who did that, or they would procession their cigs with coke. I dunno why. But yeah, hope that help.

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welcome to the club! and it's not stupid is newly illegal. bequeath yourself a few days and you will only interview positive for the pot.

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I don't know. I don't really think so. Not ample to really feel it, especially if you be already high on pot.

In drizzling tobacco, I believe, you know, Skoal and whatnot. The tobacco you put between your gums and lip. That has little, itty bitty pieces of fiber-glass contained by it so as it sits and rubs against your gums it tares and pokes little holes in your gums so the tobacco is effective. And close to alcohol, only close to...2% is absorbed through the tongue, so I doubt the cocain really took effect at all...

And I am not sure in the region of it coming up in a test...

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Wow. Yes you would get elevated and yes you would test positive.

Don't do any pot or coke again.

Sorry, if you don't want the lectures, then why did you do 2 things that are SO dumb and prohibited? I promise you won't like reformatory.

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You'll probably die. No, I'm not even benign of joking.

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whenever i rubed it all it did be make my mouth numb never inject it that is to say stupid

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yes, you can get illustrious rubbing it into your gums.
yes, you will test positive for cocaine.

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I know you are not looking for lectures, so here goes. If you know how stupid it be why did you do it? Did you enjoy the lofty? Do you think your parents would savour knowing this? Please, as a parent, don't experiment any more, it really isn't worth it. Rubbing it on your gums this time, snorting next time, later what? Be mindful of your actions at adjectives times. Thank you. God Bless.

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No, you can't get giant just rubbing it on your gums or tounge. The lone thing that does is numb your gums and tounge up. And yeah, I reason you would test positive.

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It depends on you personally. Everyone have different tolerances to different chemicals. So, for one person, yeah they'd win high. Another might not discern it at all.

When you rub stuff on your tongue, you swallow bits of it. Even if you rub it it. When your saliva glands excrete saliva, it also would excrete the cocaine and distribute it down your throat. Depending on how much you did, yes you could test positive. And yes, you will question paper positive for pot too. Pot stays in your system for 30 days, but your spine strands tell on you even longer. If you haven't cut your spine in a year and you did pot 11 months ago, one time, yes a assessment will tell.

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No it wont acquire you high and you wont exam positive for cocaine, the only item it does when you rub it on your gums is numb them out.

i suggest you dont mix pot and cocaine together.

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The pot & Xannie bar will stay within your system longer than Coke. Cocaine is capable of entering your bloodstream from even touching it if it's not wash immediately. You will eventually engage it through your skin or even stick a finger in your mouth. Even the smallest amount will show on a test. If you are that worried give or take a few a test you wouldn't do these things. Now how around some soul-searching and some truth as to why you're asking!!

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no you won't get soaring by putting in on your gums but you will test positive. coke usually stays contained by your system for no more that 4 days and pot much longer for a urine test. a moment ago hope you aren't givin a hair follicle oral exam because you'll be screwed for a LONG time unless your shave all your coat off approaching Britney Spears =( scrape it bloodbath me right now.Please Help?


I'm amused and saddened by this right of entry of stupidy and that you're "not looking for lectures."

Are you aware that regardless of how anonymous you think you are out here, you're not? A professional could confidently find anything you write here and trace it to you. Not real smart when you seize arrested and your computer is siezed. And if you're mixing drugs like you are, own no doubt the close result could easily be an arrest at some point...or the hospital even more plausible.

It makes me awful that people consider idea "good" feelings that they enjoy to chemically produce. This is coming from the child of an addict and watching what slowly over time can ruin not singular your life, but those around you. So you'll freshly have to bring over the lecture. The flighty attitude of the interview physically hurts me.

As to your question, rubbing it on the teeth or gums will trademark the areas rubbed numb in small quanitites. Ingesting coke can certainly cause gangrene of the bowels due to reduced bloodflow. That's adequate to turn the stomach, eh? Now you didn't mention alcohol, but often when inhabitants go on drudge binges, this permitted drug is involved. When you do coke and drink alcohol in combination, the combination produces a new chemical, cocaethylene, which increases the euphoric effect, but also the risk of sudden annihilation.

It's hard to really know what the effects of mixing as various substances as you did will be, as it's not like the FDA have study groups going with that combination. But hey, you've already admit it's stupid.

As for the drug test, it would as several have mentioned depend on the type of try-out. With a urine test cocaine will clear your system quite quickly (while pot can bring MUCH longer), but if you read that second link I sent you, that can swing. It's quite interesting. You really should check that relationship out. With the VERY small amount that MAY have gotten to your system, you'll probably clear contained by a few days if it shows at all. The trial is actually looking for level of benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, as the cocaine itself is metabolized much to quickly to really be measured within routine screening.

Anyway, stop being stupid (hey you said it...not me).

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