Is it everyday for a bruise to itch?

I fell down the stairs 3 weeks ago and badly bruised my leg, it be black and blue from the toes all the mode up to my knee,and vastly swollen. I had it checked out at A&E, but they didn't x-ray it as i be walking around on it, all be it beside a limp!! anyway, most of the bruising and swelling have gone now,expect for an nouns on my shin which is still swollen,and bruised, and it itches like batty!! Its doing my head contained by. Is this normal? I never have a bruise that itched before.

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Yes it is completely average. When you bruise yourself this is actually slight internal bleeding. For some time after, the sassiness cells in close proximity the site of the bruise will fire periodically thus creating the itch.

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only itchy bruises tend to itch

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Yes it is normal. When you return with severe bruises it can take a while to treat, nd when it does, it itches. It just finances the nerves etc are repairing them selves.

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Large bruises can itch. The excess blood can irritate the skin from inside.
Scratching will injure the skin. Apply a heating wad and some moisturizing lotion and gently rub the skin to alleviate the itch and stimulate circulation which will help to exhaust the excess blood.

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Yes its common it means that it is restorative well, try not to gash as you could cause more bruising, try taking a mild over the counter anti-histamine which can sustain reduce itching, ask the pharmisist.

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