Do your bones burn when you are cremated?


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Yes, for the most part. There are some tiny bits that don't completely turn to ashes, but roughly before the crematorium returns the ashes to you they will be sifted and pulverized so you won't find any identifiable pieces you would ever realize be bone fragments. They also remove bits of metal resulting from the fillings, etc. I hold no idea what they do near that- though recycling would be the sensible suggestion. For adjectives practical purposes, though, everything organic is burned.

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that's why we own the ashes to scatter afterwards?

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when your body get cremated, your bones turn to ashes.

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yes the collagen fibre burn! bones aren't just calcium!

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most crumble to ash and the rest are ground to a powder.

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That is funny that you asked this question ..mete out i was at work closing week and i was next to somemore nurses and some how we got with reference to what kind of job we had when we be in academy to become of the nurses that is next to me use to sell caskets (yeah i know creepy) ..anyway she said when populace came within saying that they looked-for to be cremated because its cheaper she would use the sell tact of recitation them what your body goes through when you are creamated...the answer is no...your bones doesn't burn..what happen is they put you in a huge incinerater and you flesh melt.once everything has melt vital organs ect you get the ashes FROM THE FLESH not the bones...the bones are still there.what they do afterwards is take the bones put them within a grinder to make them small and consequently put them back contained by the incenerater.and they do that serval times until the bones are officially ash. (THIS IS TRUE).at first i looked-for to become creamated but after finding that out.....i really don't think so.

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I'll come back and tolerate you know in 8 weeks time! We have my mum cremated and scattered her ashes and here were a few small fragments of bone but not satisfactory for you to recognise.

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When you are cremated, pretty much adjectives the organic bits and pieces from your body and reduced to it's lowest form, which is usually composed mostly of the carbon remains in the form of ashes.

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Yes, they turn contained by to the ash that you can then disappear, or intern.

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Hi there.
Only surrounded by some very intense modern crems do the bones burn, these are expensive - traditionally the bones lose deeply of water and shrink. They are next ground down into powder and put back near the rest.
The pile of ashes is small because as soon as the coffin disapears, it is opened and the corpse removed - they don't burn anything except the body. You are supposed to inform them of any implant, pacemakers etc. to avoid accident.
A fairly grim business!
Cheers, Steve.

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Yes, everything is ashes....I don`t know some little chips in within but mostly ashes.

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Not at first, the body is burned departure behind any metal objects (jewellery, metal joint etc) which are removed and then the remaining bones hold to be ground down in a point called a cremulator which turns them into a fine grey ash. Lovely thought! and I'm going to a cremation Friday too, don't really want to surmise about what happen after the coffin disappears, it's too gruesome!

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At elevated enough temperature boned burn to ash. About the only entry tangible moved out behind are silver or gold ingots fillings.

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dur they burn thats why they scatter them over stuff.

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why does it matter your not gonna perceive it anyway

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Not if your cremated surrounded by a house fire or in a sports car.

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Yes they do, the heat used is terrifically intense and only ashes and metal implant are left.

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