Can anyone describe what a spider bite looks close to, and if its a spider bite, what should I do?

I woke up this morning with about six bites on my arms and on one of my hand. Its itching, but it doesn't look like a mosquito bite... how would i know if its a spider bite? And is it necessary for me to shift to the hospital?

Answer:    Please note the following is based on experience to some extent than actual knowledge (spiders seem to close to me as a midnight snack!):

You should monitor your general well-being as well as the bite sites. Most spiders aren't that terrifying to humans and many bites will clear up in a few days, much similar to a mosquito. Of course there are also some highly venomous ones, but usually you will counter with fever, ache, and other symptoms fairly quickly.

I own sometimes been able to determine a spider bite as at hand are two small puncture wounds at the bite, though usually only one side will swell, sometimes I can tell it is not a mosquito bite as it get a clear head on it like a pimple (which I usually pop as I "believe" I'm helping grasp any venom out, but I'm just guessing). Other times I'm only just guessing it's a spider as, like you, I've woken up with a few itchy bites that don't look approaching mosquito bites.

I've found the best thing to help remove the itch and variety the bite go down is antihistamine cream or tablet. You can usually buy these at any pharmacy without a prescription (the tablets will probably fashion you tired). If the bites are in easy to seize to places, you could show them to your pharmacist when you are there. If they are in awkward to obtain to places, or you have concerns they could be serious, go to your doctor..
The doctor doesn't back if it's not a poisonous bite. If you go to the doctor they will probably prescribe you some anti-itch cream and that doesn't get rid of the bite.

I acquire spider bites on my right arm when I mow the lawn. First, it looks like a mosquito bite, but later it spreads and the area around the bite gets red, hot, and itchy. My first bite took 2 weeks to cure (I tried rime, lotion, toothpaste..anything to relieve the itching).

After that cleared up, I got another one, but this time I used Oreganol P73 (oil of oregano) on it. No, this "oregano" is not the same item as the "oregano" they put on pizza. Oregano on pizza is not even a spice, whereas wild oregano (in the oil of oregano) is an antiseptic(kills discouraging bacteria) and can be used for health purposes. I rubbed it on the spider bite once every day and it be gone in a 5 days.

I recommend getting the kind by North American Herb and Spice company, b/c they are the first ones to produce this grease. You can use the oil for many things, such as, respiratory problems, low blood pressure, stomach, bladder disorders, etc.

You can buy this grease at a Natural health store or online (I bought mine online). I listed a website where on earth you could buy it below. If your bites turn out not to be spider bites, you could still use the oil, it helps w/ the itching. .
red and itching - celebrated is do a house cleaning to get rid of that insect to prevent other bites next time ... your body may over act in response and may be dangerous. I know this sounds crazy but it is probably just bed bugs

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