Can you really knock someone out by squeezing their elbow?


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I think maybe you can. That is if you hit the right spot. Twice contained by my life I have hit a place on my elbow and passed out. Once I hit my elbow on a pin and went out and the last time I be in a small bathroom stall and when I sat down I hit my elbow on the tissue holder and passed out. Not a appropriate thing.
So I'm thinking if you squeezed and hit the spot I have hit that it is potential one would pass out.

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I was a outset karate student and the sensi had a master from Japan over. The little guy lightly squeezed a point on my elbow and put me within excruciating pain. I could see how someone could pass out!

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no... my dads a cop.. and go through extensive training.. and there is no way to do that... the girl that be hit in the elbow.. it may have cause some other reaction from being hit somewhere else.. it could enjoy been from pain.. but at hand is no way to knock someone out by doing that

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